Did Justin Timberlake Take Credit For A Song JC Wrote?

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fans are abuzz over this portion of an interview Justin Timberlake did with The Face magazine out of the UK:

Were you responsible for all the garage stuff on the last album?

Yeah, I wrote ‘Up Against The Wall’ and another one called, uh… It was track five on the record…

‘The Two of Us’?

Yeah! That’s the one. To be totally honest [Artful Dodger’s] Mark Hill totally inspired that in us. When we were writing we’d come over to Europe and we’d hear all his stuff. We were like, ‘This @#%$ is nuts!’ And nobody over in America was doing it, at all. So we did. It was an experiment, and it worked.

The issue that has fans in an uproar is that JC Chasez, not Timberlake, wrote The Two of Us. Timberlake seemingly also took all credit for Up Against the Wall. A song Chasez not only wrote with Timberlake but also produced.

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2 thoughts on “Did Justin Timberlake Take Credit For A Song JC Wrote?

  1. catherine Benincasa says:

    I think JC has to stop blaming Justin for getting credit for the two songs because if Justin did write the songs than he would be getting awards for being a best writer and I think that the gang will not be mad at him and be nice to him instead of mean to him

  2. Heynonnienonnie says:

    JC never commented on Justin taking credit for those songs, back in 2002 or any time since then. Fans were annoyed as they should be. Justin should not have taken full credit for Up Against the Wall because JC not only co-wrote it he also produced it and when the interviewer mentioned The Two of Us, Justin should have said that was JC’s song, not his own. He was allowing himself to take credit for writing songs that were either not his or only partially his.

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