Did Miley Cyrus E-Mail Nick Jonas About Having Sex?

Images of again showing skin have emerged after it was claimed her e-mail was hacked by someone naming themselves TrainReq 2k8. One shows the ‘Hannah Montana’ star in the shower with a wet t-shirt, while another shows Miley displaying her naval, and a third shows Miley wearing a ‘Nick J’ necklace. The hacker claimed to have seen e-mails which would throw into question whether Miley and ex-boyfriend are virgins as they’ve claimed. “I have worse pictures than these, and those are prob getting sold,” the hacker writes. “I saw alot of juicy emails, but I never thought of saving them.. now I kick myself for not.. there where so many juicy emails that I read… ones with her talking to Nick about the night they fu**ed, etc.” Check out the pictures here.

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179 thoughts on “Did Miley Cyrus E-Mail Nick Jonas About Having Sex?

  1. Emily says:

    What the f*ck? Nick Jonas is a liar. Him and Miley are far from role models

  2. angelicb says:

    Y’all need 2 stop hating on Miley….. just because you want to be her don’t mean you need to hate her….hating on her will just make better not you…..GET A LIFE!!!!!

  3. RayRay says:

    I don’t think that they had sex! and a lot of you people are saying loads of stuff about Miley that isn’t even true. So just stop please!

  4. Nessa says:

    Listen. To all of you people who are hating on Miley.. That’s just too bad.. So what she isn’t a role model to some people but she is to most.. Don’t like her what do you want us to do. I think she is an amazing person.. and she has made some mistakes.. and so what? She had sex she isn’t the 1st and she won’t be the last. It was a mistake. Miley. Take Care of yourself Honey <3 Love you!:)

  5. jessica hickey says:

    hey Nick Jonas you are so hot. You said that you wouldn’t have sex until you got married. Just my a opinion from one of your biggest fans in Canada

  6. Josie Seal says:

    I think that they might have might have not you never know but you need to quit slamming on Miley she didn’t do anything wrong!!!

  7. sarah says:

    Why would they do that? I saw this and I was like what the f***! They are 15 and not married! Besides if they did so what? They are not the first! Jamie Lynn already has a baby and she’s only one year older! HA HA!

  8. britt says:

    Ok…Nick Jonas has a purity ring.. That means NO SEX WILL MARRIAGE. Duh you people are stupid

  9. Noah says:

    I know there no way in hell she would have sex with Nick & if she did oh well it all human.

  10. Kiddy says:

    How do you make this fake photos?

  11. __________ says:

    Nick Jonas had sex with Riley Cyrus she’s Miley’s cousin!
    They had sex after Nick’s concert!
    I can’t believe it!

  12. __________ says:

    And he didn’t really care about the purity ring!

  13. Natalie Christina says:

    Anybody who spends their day on a computer hacking people is apathetic.. & Pointless.
    This pisses me off.
    & Don’t come after me for saying this , but….
    Nicholas more than likely went after her for everything …
    He asked for the pictures , then it lead to this .
    There’s pictures of them on the bus together . There was something between them none of us knew about. She thought she was in love.
    F’ing leave her alone.
    I wear a purity ring , and I know damn well if Nick Jonas told me he loved me and that he wanted to be my first I’d be in it hands down hahaha.
    Don’t tell me you wouldn’t?
    I am a Jonas Fan , but more thought out .
    Just don’t f’ing blame Miley for all of this.

  14. sassy says:

    Miley is so stupid!!! Nick Jonas will never have sex with Miley. You people are dumb

  15. Siempres says:

    All I have to say is, I don’t like Miley Cyrus, nor do I hate her. But I do really hate those people who defend her like she never does anything wrong. She took those stupid pictures. She should know better. She’s a role model to tiny kids. And so is that Jamie Lynn, who got pregnant. People have sex all the time. Yea..who cares about that. BUT, the world knows now-ish, if it’s even true. She is a Role Model! Now all the kids that look up to her are gonna think it’s ok to have sex. And that it’s okay to take naked pictures for people. Well, I would for my boyfriend too…but yea. I’m not famous.
    She is a bad role model. She should of already learned from all her other stupid pictures not to do this again. BLECH! she disgusts me. POOPIE ON HER!

  16. Pomo_gurl24 says:

    Wow why do you people defend her? She is a hoe! She is a role model and should no better then to take naked pics of her self! I mean really why would someone do that knowing she is a role model for little kids? Jamie Lynn isn’t any smarter she has a fu**in baby! I know people make mistakes in life but Miley is just plain retarded!

  17. bubble_love says:

    Well she’s just a teen. Teens do crazy things. drugs, sex, photos, and sneaking. Just leave her alone she did nothing to you. Did she? She made a mistake big deal. Trust me. Just stop.

  18. katie says:

    She is dumb for taking the photos but they should have been private instead of hacked.

  19. jbluver103 says:

    they can’t have sex because they both wear a purity ring and they made a promise to god not to have sex before marriage and if they have sex before marriage then they’re going to hell.

  20. mia says:

    Nick has a ring now and his brother too
    this ring is a prove they will not do sex till they get married.

  21. Liana says:

    Okay has anyone ever thought of the whole email sex thing is just fake? maybe the hacker is making it all up so people tune into his website more frequently and possibly just possibly make more money? It has all the signs! if he was for real no matter if he thought it was mean or not he would have saved the emails. He has absolutely no proof what so ever. and everybody just has to drop the whole pictures thing. you can’t see anything except what you see when girls wear bikinis. like gosh just give it up already.

  22. noah says:

    What! My sister Miley did not have sex people the tabloids are lying tell the world and I’m not lying I’m Miley sister Noah call me at [phone # removed by admin] ask for Noah and say you are Kealey and you pronounce it key-lee bye stop it please!

    Love, Noah Cyrus Miley sister she’s mean and boring at home the Jonas Brothers are mean except Kevin

  23. mariah says:

    No I think she hates Nick. SEX is not her thing I know her.

  24. Melissa says:

    Miley you are so stupid!!!!!!!!!!!! You have fans and little girls and boys watching you and you are doing all that stuff you messed up. Nick will never have sex with you. If he did then he’s stupid. And you are just a slut!

  25. Octavio says:

    I’m love music Jonas Brother… please add me……


  26. dana says:

    Hey I love Miley and if she’s not a virgin who cares every one
    loses it at her age. People that don’t like it don’t watch she’s being a teenager and experiencing what we all do.
    and put yourself in her place people are doing a lot worse
    like showing nude pictures. And damn let her be a teen. And even if you got a purity ring an have sex you wont go to hell some people are Christian hypocrites

  27. _-------_ says:

    Just because he has a purity ring doesn’t mean that he didn’t do this…
    it’s called lying

  28. Stefania says:

    Hello, my name is Stefania I am from Argentina. Miley Cyrus is Beautiful.

  29. Alexa Unknown says:

    OMG that’s not true Nick has a purity ring. I don’t care if Miley doesn’t she could do it with who ever she wants STAY AWAY FROM NICK she needs to get a fu**ing life and stop lying about her and Nick she should leave Nick alone and stop trying to make him feel bad I HATE UGLY SLUT MILEY MILEY IF YOU EVER READ THIS GET A LIFE GO FU** OFF N LEAVE NICK ALONE SLUT

  30. Ruby says:

    omg I hate Hannah Montana she’s so stupid taking naked pictures really what is she thinking????plus Nick Jonas isn’t stupid enough to have sex with her hes way to handsome for her.no ones buying her little act >.>

  31. katie says:

    OMG!! you people are so dumb don’t diss on Miley because she made a mistake EVERYONE makes mistakes EVERYONE!! so don’t you people that have done stuff like this hate on Miley you would just be really pathetic people because you did it too!! yeah she is famous and is supposed be a role model to younger kids but she made a mistake and she has been paying for it!! I still like Miley and her music.

  32. Aleisha Smith says:

    Hey 6ie daddy, I just love seeing you on TV and I just wanted 2 now if you have any one you are seeing or dating? If you get the email then just try to hit me up at msn.com and if you are not seeing anyone then just try to call me and we will talk to each other and my friend Lele just wanted to know if you would go on a date with her because she really loves you and she said that she would like to go on a double date. Well, talk to you later my baby!!!!!!:>

  33. Emily says:

    Nick is to young to have sex! Plus he would never do something like that! He’s the GOOD GUY!!! Remember? But we should stop slamming on Miley. She was just asking. And even if the HOTTIE Nick said yes, I think she would be smart and not even do it. I just don’t think Nick would do that. And Miley shouldn’t have asked.

  34. terianna keenan says:

    Hey Nick Jonas they said you can write people and ask them what it is like to have sex and I picked you because I just like to see your movies and I would like to be in one of your movies because you have things that I do not have and I really have lots of thing in common with you and I bet you $20 that you like to sing just I do and you have to give me a comment about you because you really.. I would like to have a baby with you some day so if would like to call me some day then go right ahead so goodbye….
    LOVE ALWAYS your love Terianna..

  35. zuleidy says:

    omg people Miley is an a**hole bitch aw I don’t buy her little act of good girl and Nick Jonas is going out with Selena Gomez they make a cute couple and Miley just got famous because she audition just like me and am going to get a record deal with Disney Channel. so stupid pics so what she didn’t she made a mistake that’s why she is getting kick out of Disney and Hannah Montana. Bitch I hate you Miley go suck another boys di** instead of Nick’s bitch.

  36. Mariana says:

    That’s so dumb, the person who hacked her email is a creepy pedophile stalker and he probably said that cause that was what he wanted to hear

    Miley and Nick both have purity rings
    and they said in interviews that the TEXT
    and only have a fanmail
    and Miley has a MySpace
    and Nick doesn’t
    other than texting that was basically the only way they use the internet besides Miley’s YouTube
    they wouldn’t be talking about it in a email if they were to have sex but they didn’t

    it’s pretty stupid
    and that hacker should be sued and what not

  37. Callie says:

    I hate Miley! ……. and I LOVE Nick and I don’t think Nick would be stupid enough to have sex with her. Miley doesn’t deserve Nick and I’m glad they broke up. And people keep hating on Miley because I think it is hilarious. So what I’m saying is they so did NOT have sex and Miley is a slut and a whore 4 taking those pictures.

  38. terianna says:

    Hey Miley how are you doing so far I hope really good I hope and when you my email then just write me back ok

  39. Sammysosa says:

    omg guys don’t talk about them unless you know whats going on or you personally know the truth jeez just shut up. Jesus its none of our business, just because its a hot topic now.

    What if you supposedly had an affair and basically EVERYBODY was talking about it? Would you like that?

    So just SHUT UP!!! my god

  40. fu**mileynickisoffdahook says:

    damn people Miley is a hoe I love JB and they would not do that I bet Miley probably asked him for sex and he said f*** off and broke up with her Nick is a darling (just like Joe and Kevin) so that’s the story =)

  41. william says:

    Why are you dating Nick? He can not be like me because I don’t sing in front of people. can you date someone just like you? I know he is cutey and pretty to you.please write back? I like you can you date me? yes or no. Write back soon as you can. I love you Miley Cyrus.

  42. somethin says:

    is there life why do you care? Get your nose out of there butts….

  43. alana says:

    I think that Nick and Hannah or Miley should have sex

  44. BETTY!! says:

    You know that that picture wasn’t even her….

    so guys just stop

  45. Sarah Lynn Richardson says:

    Callie, Miley was hacked by some boy and he is selling the naked pictures from her pictures so she’s not a whore okay and Miley I hope god makes your life a whole lot better.

  46. Sarah Lynn Richardson says:

    and one more thing the pictures were from 1 year ago okay so stfu

  47. Sarah Lynn Richardson says:

    one more thing Miley I hope your life gets a whole lot better.

  48. saloni says:

    You can’t do it Miley. I think you don’t have any sex with Nick.

  49. Nicky says:

    I hate to say it but he’s telling the truth I’m sorry but I’m friends with Nick Jonas I knew him when he wrote his song “Dear God” and he told me everything I would tell you all the info but he said not to tell anyone and don’t go hating Nick and Miley just because of this it a tiny thing please have fun crying in you pillows. But if you don’t believe me go to a meet and greet and tell Nick if he knows a person named Kaya he’ll tell you YES!!!!!!!and plus I know Mandy their friend peace <3

  50. bdog says:

    who cares if Miley had sex its her life let her live it you peps are just made because you peps want to fu** Miley and you can’t so what and get over it

  51. dede says:

    You need to stop Nick is a virgin and Miley’s cool so yeah don’t hate you little freaking 5 year olds

  52. Nick Jonas says:

    Guys enough with it already. Me and Miley are still going out. Besides this ain’t none of anyone’s business!

  53. mae says:

    Sweet mother of Jesus. I personally think Miley is a slutty whore, but that’s just me. People who defend her like she’s an angel are just plain ridiculous. It’s cool for you to like her, I guess, but stop pretending that she’s an average human being. She’s not. Unfortunately, she’s one of those zombie celebrities who has absorbed the idea that every move she makes wedges her closer to infinite fame and fortune. She makes a profit of her wrongdoings. Take it from a fellow sixteen year old girl. She may put on an innocent guise but she’s not so endearing behind that ugly mug.

    And Nick is disgusting too. He’s a pubescent, hormone-driven kid.

    Oh, and just for your information, number 53 is totally a faux JoBro. I don’t follow up on these Miley headliners that often but if I know one thing, it’s that Nick’s not dating that imminent train wreck and Miley is dating a hunky underwear model by the name of Justin Gaspard.

    God I know more than I want to.

  54. maggie says:

    I don’t think they did anything I really hope not but with all those pics of her there’s little proof saying that she didn’t…..

    Nick Jonas is too hot for her always the good boys!!!

  55. smartness, says:

    Blame the parents. :]

  56. marykathrynex says:

    It seems like Miley and Selena are involved in some sort of never-ending competition. Maybe over Nick J, maybe not – who knows, who cares. I think it’s pathetic how you tweens on this message board are wasting so much time and energy defending a person (Miley Cyrus) who does not know you exist, or certainly doesn’t care that you exist. I mean, come on, like Miley’s 20-year-old boyfriend is going to buy into her “purity” mumbo jumbo? If she were so innocent and pure herself, she wouldn’t be dating a much older, more experienced guy.
    That’s all I have to say. Celebrities suck, but people who worship every thing about them suck even more. I mean, seriously. They’re just people, like everyone on this website – only with all of the airbrushing and photo editing to make them appear to be goddesses.

  57. Matreya says:

    I hope this sh** ruins her.She should stop going on about how good and innocent she is. Shes a nasty slut who let fame get to her.I wouldn’t be proud. she’s a crap actor and a crap singer.wow something to be proud of.

  58. kierra says:

    What the fu** were you thinking Miley not having sex c’mon I’m 9 and I’m pregnant

  59. tits says:

    I do not think she had sex with Nick!!

  60. ASHLYN says:


  61. HANNAH ALLISON says:


  62. sasha says:

    if I were Miley I woould of fu**ed Nick any day

  63. laura says:

    hi Miley I love you so much!!! but if you will have sex with that stupid Nick Jonas I will hate you

    I love you so much

  64. alexa says:


    Lots of love Alexa by the way STOP HATING ON MILEY AND GROW UP

  65. u wanna no says:

    I don’t know well people stop hating because if so you all would have done the same thing

  66. Nick Jonas says:

    Me and Miley did have sex. We will name our child Chris (boy) or Hope (girl).

  67. Miley Cyrus (hannah destany bob) says:

    NO!!! We were going to have sex but we broke up. We make mistakes as well as normal people but why are we blamed more often?

  68. ya mum says:

    who care what she dose she is only human and would have done more in her life then any of you wankers

  69. Lilly says:

    I think that someone that hates Miley hacked into Miley’s e-mail so it would make her look really bad. Okay, it is true that Miley has lots of porn pictures on the web, but if she she wants the pictures on the web it means she wants the world to know her as a porn.

  70. virginia moller says:

    Hey I think that miles would not do that and she would never want to have sex sex is just a word to me and I would never have it til I’m married and I just don’t think that my idol would do that

  71. shalini says:

    Why didn’t you e-mail me your e-mail address at car. Hello

  72. chantal says:

    Miley I have a lot of friends like 1398, and I well tell them what you did with Nick Jonas having sex how much you have baby 10000 and I well tell your dad I well contact him yes you are stupid

  73. To all haters an hoes says:

    Ok motherfu**ers so what if they did have sex who the hell has that much “no life” to spend days hating Miley Cyrus’ emails and plus like you have never don anything wrong how would you feel if people were constantly attacking you and making up rumors how would you feel if you were under the presser of being PERFECT every damn day so while you think about what to say about Miley next just remember just because you say things about her does not mean she has to change for anybody and do you want to stress her out so much that she goes through what the press and paparazzi put Britney Spears through so leave Miley alone a**holes and haters ,wannabes,posers

  74. nelena fans 4 ever says:

    angelicb we don’t hate Miley Cyrus she’s just a prostitute a bitch,of course they didn’t had sex, but Nick and Selena yeah they did!

  75. Ashlyn rems:) says:

    ok, well I don’t like Miley but I don’t hate her. yes I think it is true they had sex. Miley would do it definitely. and Nick kinda gets on my nerves in a way. but I like his band. can’t imagine them having sex but yea, and I think the people going on here saying “Nick Jonas” or “Miley Ray Bob” or whatever or “Noah” are complete fakes. why would you go search an article of yourself or your sister and post a comment explaining? I doubt they even have the time. And my point in all this is Miley’s pictures=slutty! Obviously! well, I’m out.

  76. Mickey J says:

    She needs to learn from her mistakes. She wants to be grown up so she needs to act like it. Plus she knows that there are some people that’s watch her every move why do something like that. But the bad part about it she acts likes she don’t even care.

  77. Sharar Rahman says:

    I love you Miley Cyrus who did you married and can you show pictures and can you show me your naked pictures and at night with your husband do you do porn kissing show me the pictures now! I love you.

  78. watever says:

    Who cares if Miley and Nick had sex or not , they’re teenagers like everyone else and that is only their business and no one needs to know about it, and I’m not a Miley Cyrus fan but people should just give her a break and let her be

  79. chloe says:

    ok listen everyone
    any person could of created this even you
    they just want Niley (Miley and Nick) to get rambled and ambushed by questions look how easy this is- MILEY HAD SEX WITH NICK JONAS. See ANYONE can write that and there’s a 2% chance they did that
    I LOVE NICK I’m not a huge fan of Miley I do think her music is inspiring and I just know they didn’t do that
    Nick has a purity ring and he would not disobey his promise so ALL YOU FU**ERS CAN SAY A MILLION TIMES THEY HAD SEX BUT I WONT BELIEVE IT!

  80. Fawn says:

    I love Nick & Miley is okay.
    & even though those pictures were leaked of Miley, that doesn’t mean she is a slut.
    I’m not saying it didn’t happen I’m just saying I believe Nick would be more obedient of his beliefs.

  81. jasmine says:

    Hey my name is Jasmine I am willing to ask why are people are making fun of you.

  82. britto says:

    Dang man now y’all two no better man special Miley you are just a I just don’t know Nick Jonas love you rock

  83. rebecca says:

    It’s not fair to hate them!!!

  84. tyme says:

    y’all don’t need to know what’s going on in Miley’s life. Her life ain’t got nothing to do with any body else life. So let her live hers the way she wants to. And all I am saying is that she ain’t got nothing to do with you and you don’t have nothing to do with her.

  85. sara says:

    Miley Sucks! Go fu** someone already, we all know that you’re not a fu**in’ virgin you hoe!

  86. meredith says:

    I just don’t get it why don’t you guys just stop the fight

  87. meredith says:

    I just think you should!!

  88. shane says:

    Miley I love you call me

  89. olivia says:

    I want to have sex and I’m only 8 so kiss my ass Miley

  90. zombie says:

    I never commented before but I just had to now. Good site.

  91. Cutie_17 says:

    Omg I don’t think they would have sex they probably kissed but ok I admit it. I’m Miley and we did have sex

  92. Cutie_17 says:

    I am kidding I’m not Miley she wouldn’t just blurt it out

  93. Dominika says:

    Well it is true I think no offense Miley and Nick I know that then Miley was pregnant and after lost her baby but Nick is that bit true?!?!?!?!?!?! and Nick you are my favorite out of Jonas Brothers but is it true that you are 14 and Miley is 20? I don’t think so I think both of you are 16 because you look young!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please write me back ONLY FOR NICK AND MILEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  94. Dominika says:

    and my the way Sara you suck if you say that I bet you can’t sing write me back Sara and tell me where you from

  95. shania says:

    Miley will never do that I know I’m her biggest fan. People are liars.

  96. ANGELA TUALA says:


  97. sandasia says:

    What is the big reason if they had sex or not because if they did they or bitches and Nick is so not having sex with her because she keeps cheating on him. If I was Nick I will push her in her face just like Rihanna did to Chris Brown MILEY IS A A**HOLE AND NICK IS OUT Of HIS MIND TO HAVING SEX WITH HER

  98. sandasia says:

    What is their big reason for having sex? They are both bitches Miley is a a**hole.

  99. Dominika says:

    Hi guys it’s me again MILEY GOT HER BABY BACH YEY!!!!!!!!!!!! Plus I watch the whole story on YouTube
    plus Sandiasa FU** OFF AND ALL YOU PEOPLE THAT ARE MEAN TO MILEY AND NICK FU** OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  100. bri says:

    if you saw my last post from Miley’s nose than the email is number 5 if you didn’t then…
    1 pole dance
    2 trash talk online
    3 sex with Nick Jonas
    4 pierced her nose
    5 the email

  101. bri says:

    Miley Cyrus is stupid and crazy

  102. bri says:

    look for my posts all over the Hannah web

  103. Sumayah Murphy says:

    Wow, that’s what’s wrong with the world today. Miley is her own person and she deserves a lot more respect than this. I absolutely love Miley, and I understand we all have our own perspectives, but omfg leave her alone. She’s 17teen and she’s going to venture out into the world and have fun. I truly don’t see the things she’s done as a mistake at all. So what if she is involved in sexual activities, that’s her business. None of you guys should be calling her RUDE names and saying she’s not a role model because she’s a damn good one. I believe she’s an amazing if not one of the best role models, and I say that because she shows all of you guys that even thought she’s made it into the “FAME WORLD” that she’s still your average teenager and that it’s okay to make mistakes. I’m pretty sure you’re not perfect, and that you make all kind of decisions that you didn’t think would affect those around you. Just accept the fact that she’s herself and that she is not going to change for anyone. I have so much faith in her and feel that she’s capable of conquering the world if she sets her mind to it. Miley I can’t believe that these people are so threatened by your success and want to bring you down. GET ON HER LEVEL, MY GOSH. I can honestly say without a doubt that Miley has an impact on my daily life, and she’s showed me that it’s possible and that you can do anything in this world and just give it your all. I also believe that those pictures you guys are bitching about that she has taken tell a story. A story of a girl who was once hurt in life and never got the respect she deserved and now she’s embracing the fact that she’s come to the point in her life where she’s comfortable with who she is and that she’ll always be “DESTINY HOPE CYRUS” and that any name you call her, will NEVER and I mean NEVER define who she really is. I can’t stress enough how childish you all sound when you complain about her being this horrible person. Your whole out take on her is so down-right pitiful and when you hold a mistake over someones head you’re no better then that mistake that was made. (think about it] I mean when it’s all said and done and it’s time to return into the hands of the LORD we all want him to forgive us for anything that we’ve done wrong. C’mon you guys, she has a little sister who I bet looks up to her not as a “CELEBRITY”, but as her older sister, and by you all making this worse than what it truly is, then everyone decides to act as if she’s a terrible person. I don’t know her personally, so therefore; I don’t judge her by the things I see and hear on television. If you think she’s a bad person okay fine, who cares? All I know is just let her be Miley and live her life the way she wants and you do the same. I support Miley in ANYTHING she decides to do in life and I can’t ask for anything more because she’s shown me that she’s not perfect and that she’s exactly like me and you. If all you non-supports would just think about this, it would really mean a lot to me, but to her as well. Much love to the Cyrus Family<3

  104. sandasia says:

    Why do I need to shut up and what if they did have sex? I’m 10 and I want to have sex and what the f**k why talking about because it’s none of your business and Nick would never have sex with her. Miley is a b**ch and an a**hole

  105. star-star says:


  106. radhika says:

    Nick go fu** your self… you bloody liar

  107. radhika says:

    Who says Nick is cute? He is a donkey.

  108. Saudia says:

    Nearly all of you waked while your parents were asleep and wrote this in this website shame on you all.

  109. Saudia says:

    Miley hold gossips that is wrong. She should Know better.

  110. Saudia says:

    Radhica SHUT UP! you don’t know any thing because if you see Nick now you would scream and I’m not wrong.

  111. Ashley says:

    Miley and Nick love each other they have their whole lives.

  112. Ashley says:

    I really like him but Miley and Nick are dating but she does music and videos all the time Miley. Nick is cheating.

  113. Ashley says:

    Miley and Nick are a really good couple.

  114. Ashley says:

    If you are a girl would you have sex with but if you are a boy do you love . 1. Miley 2. Selena 3. Vanessa
    1. Nick Jonas
    2. Joe Jonas
    3. Kevin Jonas

  115. nicole says:

    I think that Miley needs to grow up because the next thing you know is that Miley is with another guy and I don’t care if she reads this or any body else agrees or disagrees but you can kiss my ass

  116. lachie i LOVE U miley!!!! says:

    Hey Miley don’t think what any other people think …. they all make mistakes too … you are so pretty and just think about your career…..please write back!!

  117. lachie i LOVE U miley!!!! says:

    omfg just leave her along she’s now 17 teen

  118. Yasmin says:

    Why do that it is sick if they did because they are just so different and they say that they had and there sex tape and it’s not letting you see it so that’s not true they didn’t have sex


  119. Yasmin says:

    Why don’t you have it with him then Lachie fu** you loser you live in a pig’s stye

  120. Yasmin says:

    I agree Nicole. She is a heart breaker

  121. ANGELA TUALA says:


  122. hallie says:

    I don’t think Nick’s ass is dumb enough

  123. hallie says:

    but that’s his choice every body deserve a lady.

  124. what says:

    They were having sex.

  125. Dominika says:

    I wasn’t here a long time but even if I’m emo I still know a lot about Miley Cyrus and I found the truth. She never was pregnant well she was but sadly she lost it and she never did pole dancing

  126. alex was here:) says:

    Hello people of earth. I may not no a lot about Nick or Miley but I don’t think they did anything because well I don’t now I just like to stand up for people and I’m not saying I like or hate either of them but we all should stop dissing Miley like other people said. we all make mistakes and we all do stupid stuff so what she may have done that stuff and she may have not no big deal it’s not going to kill us. Yeah she may be a role model for younger kids but she’s doing the best she can to fix it, so leave them alone. Bye.

  127. Rawr says:

    Jeez people you can’t hate Miley for every little thing she does so back off god. Nick probably has stuff that’s just as bad as hers that’s secret.

  128. Bsrk? says:

    They might have done it and they might have not its no big deal we can’t change what happened and they can’t either heck for all we no the could be regretting what they did at this very moment if they did do it.

  129. Carter says:

    wow you people are sad and pathetic well at least the people who are dissing Miley and Nick. I read the long message and I thought ‘you now that persons right’ and she is it ain’t going to kill us big whoop they made a mistake they were young teens who had hormones big deal and like in that long message we don’t now them personally oh well hate I don’t care but just think if you were in their position you’d probably be upset that it got out you lost your v-card or you were pregnant I went on answer.com and asked if Miley was pregnant and it said she wasn’t oh and it was written by her so back off geez diss some one you know the truth about geez get lost all you mother fu**ers who are dissing Miley and Nick.

  130. takeriamoody says:

    hey y’all leave Miley and Nick alone because Miley is my friend and Nick is too so shut up Miley would never have sex before marriage so leave her alone may god bless you and may god hit you with the door Nick and Miley deserve privacy in their lives so stay out of their way

  131. Lucretia Castellani says:

    For some reason your layout is cutting off some of the words.

  132. niocle says:

    I thank Miley can if she wants to it is her life she can do what ever she wants and Nick can to.

    love Niki

  133. stephanie says:

    all you people out there I love Hannah Montana don’t be calling her stupid it is her life she can do what she wants I know she would not do that at all so I think someone mad that up which is SO NOT COOL!why would you do that Miley is not sick as you heard some one is pretending to be her what is it is the other girl and not the real Miley Cyrus did y’all every think about that as I said before don’t call Hannah Montana stupid and what not because she is not you are for calling her that love Stephanie

  134. Emma says:

    Nick shouldn’t shag Miley he isn’t stupid and she is way too ugly. Who would want to have sex with her except for geeks?

  135. Salvador Jeremiah says:

    lol, how would anyone not like Miley? She is so crazy :D. Oh do anyone know which CD this “the driveway” track is from?

  136. lonelygirl4u says:

    That’s overwhelmingly sexy

  137. Dominika the emo says:

    So peeps did he or not my answer- AVRIL DID!!!!!! LOL

  138. ?? says:

    Miley is a donkey I don’t like her … and I’m angry from Nick because he accepted Miley’s stupid idea ….. I love Nick …… what I can say I wanna meet and talk with Nick …. :(

  139. kennedy says:

    I hate Nick and you like him Joe would make a good couple

  140. sophina dejesus says:

    Who the fu** cares let the girl get her groove on god dammit I’m 12 and I had sex already

  141. Hayley Bertoni says:

    Fans of Miley Cyrus should just permit her grow up. She is is not that Disney child. I just adore her new album, though!

  142. Sharell Giannell says:

    I truly adore Miley, she is really adorable, just to bad what she had to go through.

  143. Nick Jonas says:

    Hey Guys. Miley and I did not have sex. I did never have sex.

  144. lovely sex girl says:

    Miley Cyrus should be shamed to have sex with her boy friend because she is a teenager and she is not married what am I kidding she should have sex

  145. lovely sex girl says:

    No she doesn’t. What if she gets pregnant.

  146. Marylyn Beltran says:

    I love Nick Jonas with all my heart. (:

  147. skyla says:

    Nick did have sex with Riley after a concert but he did not have sex with Miley. Miley hates Nick Jonas. I love to have sex. I know her and love her songs.

  148. lipozaki says:

    Hi Jonas Brothers hope you are you doing well. I love your songs and I love Nick Jonas Joe Jonas and Kevin Jonas. I love you Nick. I love you Nick! Bye Jonas Brothers bye!!!!!!!!!!!!

  149. lipozaki says:

    Nick Jonas and Miley Cyrus sex!!???????? Wow!! I love you Nick Jonas bye!!!!!!!!!!!

  150. FLORENCE says:


  151. FLORENCE says:


  152. FLORENCE says:

    SHE IS A B@#H

  153. kelly clarkson (the singer and stff) says:

    I hate when people talk about sex, sex, sex stuff. It’s so annoying I hate that so much, and I’m kind of hating you people too!!!! ):

  154. kelly clarkson (the singer and stff) says:

    Ugh! You guys SHUT UP!!!!

  155. kelly clarkson (the singer and stff) says:

    I’m a close personal friend with Miley so please shut up about it. From the famous Kelly Clarkson!!

  156. kelly clarkson (the singer and stff) says:

    I saw a video and it was bout Miley, Nick and Demi and Miley and Demi went shopping and Miley got a thong and Demi said why did you get that I thought you didn’t ware them and Miley said well I need it now and Demi said ew I could live my hole life with out knowing about your sex life and Miley said I’m not having sex with him and I know she’s a liar, so it’s true they did have sex!!! HA HA

  157. dess says:

    Miley is a whore. Who cares if she’s going out with Nick. Nick is cheating on her.

  158. kdog says:

    I think Miley is a girl. Girls have urges too, don’t they? Sex rocks.

  159. Olivia says:

    You’re all idiots. This just goes to show that you ALL believe the hype of Hollywood. It’s a bunch of bull. Let Nick and Miley live their own lives. I’m sure neither of them have ever had sex, or anything of that type and if so? Who cares. It’s going to happen eventually. They’re both doing a lot for this world. Grow the fu** up, seriously.

  160. Olivia says:

    Grow up. Leave them alone.

  161. miley cyrus says:

    Hey guys I never did that so please stop I never had sex with somebody. You don’t need to tell this stuff because some of you hate me just tell that you hate me and be done. Please stop.


  162. tavean mcrelly says:

    That bi**h need to stop. I love you Miley

  163. BZ says:

    …if someone had something juicy, especially about a celebrity, why would they not save it? Hmm? You don’t just say, ‘oh look @ that, isn’t that whack?!” And then not save it if it was really juicy.. I don’t believe you have anything on them… you would’ve posted the ‘worst’ pictures and even then, pictures of her revealing skin have already been long published/posted.. nothing new…

  164. tania says:

    People! Don’t say anything wrong about Miley Cyrus. I beg to all of you. You don’t have a right to say anything wrong about anyone. So please just shut up!

  165. tammana says:

    People! please do not say anything wrong about Miley Cyrus. I beg to all of you. You do not have a right to say anything wrong about anyone. So please!

  166. ~mileybuzz~ says:

    Look guys I’m so sorry about the picture and I won’t do it again I so very sorry and I still love you Nick Jonas sorry.

  167. julianna says:

    OMG you guys belong with each other so just do her teen I don’t get get that Nick do her that’s all you got to do have a baby

  168. Faan says:

    Nick Jonas wears a purity ring and you all know what that is so he wouldn’t do anything with Miley nor any other girl he is an amazing guy that just wants to be a gentlemen and care for the ladies. He’s nothing but a sweetheart!!!

  169. Monica says:

    You know what I can’t stand Miley Cyrus and I think she should go to hell and I thing she is a slut a hoe and a bitch she should have known better to have taken naked pics of herself and all those people who are trying to defend her you need to shut the fu** up because you know Nick Jonas would never do this and now y’all trying to blame it all on him when you know it’s Miley’s fault and I think all y’all should go to HELL!!!!! Because that’s where you should be because y’all some damn sluts hoes and bitches GO TO HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  170. star says:

    Miley is a slut Nick is a hoe and oh if Miley did have sex with Nick Jonas she is a bitch, hoe. Everybody who is saying that Nick Jonas and Miley had sex you are some dumb people and hoes and fu** Nick and Miley both

  171. star says:

    Miley is a nice girl SIKEA she is a slut and Nick is so ugly and Miley both are ugly

  172. lil miss fly gurl says:

    I love Miley Cyrus and Nick so all you bitches need to shut the fu** up and I’m not playing I will hurt somebody. Miley if you read this hit me up.

  173. Arnold14 says:

    What the f**k? Nick Jonas is a liar. Him and Miley are far from role models

  174. Shekhohu says:

    Nike and Miley are very close. But girl have a strong determination so it can’t be.

  175. jeanette ibarra says:

    Dear Nick Jonas I just want to say don’t do it because you are not ready to do this I know you are not don’t listen to the people you do the right thing like keep making music and you will be ok but if you do sx you are going to have problems so okay you are smart and gentle and sweet be safe I love you a lot with all my heart remember this comment is going to help you a lot trust me ok again I love you xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox love your songs and I’m your number 1 fan be safe. and stupid Miley leave him alone okay. You are not the right girl for him okay. You are ugly .; Selena is the most pretty girl. You go Selena. I love you:) You are amazing love your songs ;)

  176. amy says:

    She’s cool. Get a life bitches

  177. SASHA says:


  178. SASHA says:


  179. SASHA says:


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