Did Nick’s ‘Anger Management Issues’ Lead To Paris’ Bruises?

Before allegations that had beaten ex-girlfriend Paris Hilton, Star magazine indicated troubling behavior by the star that led to their split. Paris’ father Rick was no fan of Nick after witnessing an argument between his daughter and the singer at ‘The Simple Life 2’ party last month. “Rick was not happy,” a source revealed. “He warned Nick that he wouldn’t let anyone talk to his daughter that way and told Nick the next time [it happened], he was not going to let her see him again.” Paris ended up breaking things off on her own because of Nick being “jealous”. The source added, “He was really overbearing and would be jealous of her talking to her agent and things like, ‘Who are you on the phone with?’ and then scream like a lunatic at her. I think he’s got anger-management issues.”

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11 thoughts on “Did Nick’s ‘Anger Management Issues’ Lead To Paris’ Bruises?

  1. SweetLikeChocolate says:

    If Rick Hilton had raised told his daughter off more often, she wouldn’t be a spoiled brat expecting everyone to do as she wishes. Plus a couple’s life is their business, not their parents.

  2. galleta says:

    I’m just happy this is over. Nick has made a statement, and Paris isn’t filing charges cause she knows she was wrong, as far as daddy Hilton saying that to Nick who knows. Unless some of these so called “sources” or “friends” state who they are its total bull. If the sources or friends were telling the truth they wouldn’t hide their identities, it sounds to me like the media is just up to their old tricks.Its amazing how they love to pick at the BSB, but Nick and the guys always come out on top, because they are honest and forthworth. I do feel sorry for Paris she appears to have everything, money, fame, clothes, able to travel, yet she’s just a lonely woman with no morals or character and her show really shows what kind of people she and her friends are, they have no respect for others and that’s sad. Its not her fault though her parents did a lousy job raising her just shows money isn’t everything. But one day Paris is gonna have to grow up and start taking responsibility for her own actions.

  3. popmaster167 says:

    She is responsible for her own actions though, she’s over 18 & 21, she’s more than responsible for her own actions. Even if her parents did a lousy job of raising her (they might of, then again they might not of- some children just turn out bad no matter what the parents do) she should have some idea that to stand by and allow some man’s reputation and life to be ruined is just wrong, she should know that, and at this age, if she doesn’t, then she’s responsible for her actions. Its not really right to blame it on her parents though, especially when we don’t know whether or not they did raise her well. Either way the way she carries on is inexcusable & she is responsible for it. There comes a point when you can no longer blame your parents for what you do, and Paris is well past that point.

  4. XTremeKaos says:

    News to me. I was under the impression from Paris’ mother, who was questioned whether she and Rick liked Nick, said they thought he was great. All of a sudden tabloids have reports they hated him? I wonder why…most likely to ruin him. Couples get into fights, especially when one person is a spoiled brat. So what Nick yelled at her. I’m sure she yelled at him. And everyone in their life has gotten into screaming arguments over something. It doesn’t mean you beat them up.

  5. howiesgirl says:

    You know what I don’t care what her family says she’s stupid as they are. He said last night on ET that he had nothing to do that at all and if her family wants attention from the media then let them. I’ll say go by what his lawyer said to him stay the hell from her period . All she wants is attention

  6. Smile says:

    MusicMan- Why are you even posting this crap? Nick and his lawyer have already said it wasn’t true. You don’t have to post ever single thing ever written about this situation. This isn’t from Nick or Paris, or even anyone with a name. Not one of her family members, friends, or anyone else in her camp thought he had “anger issues” until after they broke up. Paris was after all, the one that wanted to date him in the first place. If he had a history of “anger”, or anyone thought he was a bad guy, the Hiltons would have stepped in right from the very beginning of their relationship. And why would Nick be jealous of Paris? He has his own money, and fame, etc. There is no reason why he’d be jealous of her.

  7. Meggz75 says:

    This comes from Star magazine. This magazine reports on woman having baby aliens…..whatever. I don’t believe anything that comes from a tabloid. Sorry Star Magazine, you may convince Nick haters of this but not someone with a brain.

  8. AFMartin87 says:

    Your actually taking Star Mag. seriously? Yes, I do think that Nick caused the bruises. But I don’t need proof from Star Mag. I’m tired of everyone defending Nick because he’s the “sweet young boy from BackStreet Boys”. Sorry, but people grow up. Nick grew up and became abusive and jealous. Nick is jealous of Paris because she IS very pretty (no matter how slutty you think she is). He’s jealous at the fact that she’s pretty and can have any guy she wants pretty much, and is known to go through guys like Britney goes through panties. I also think Nick is just a little on the edge. I mean he was seen at a recording studio with the rest of the boys from BSV sitting outside. A passer-by said something about Paris’ bruises, then a rude comment. Nick got up yelled, started crying, got in his vehicle and put his head on the driver’s wheel and cried. It seems a little dramatic if you ask me. This person he has never met, never will see again goes by and he goes ape crazy. Growing up in public’s eye you think he would get use to this. I think it has to do with guilty conscience. I’m not saying Paris’ didn’t bring it on, or that Paris is a nice, sweet little girl. Hell no, Paris’ probably was being demanding. They were probably both in the wrong. The only problem is he left physical marks on a woman.

  9. XTremeKaos says:

    Could you please point me in the direction of the comments saying…’, ‘Nick is innocent because he’s a “sweet young boy from Backstreet Boys”? No one has said that. Nick is innocent because he’s a good person who doesn’t beat up women. If he did, he’d have some kind of history of it, especially SINCE HE WAS ALREADY IN AN ABUSIVE RELATIONSHIP AND NEVER HIT BACK. For some reason no one gets it.

  10. greeneyedgurl says:

    Now I’d like to see Paris’ face, ugh I would kick her ass too geez how can you just let people throw ***** on someone who is not guilty!?!?!?!?!? my god!!! that gurl has not heart yo! well that proves he’s never cared bout him, ya know you can’t love someone you are using for publicity (not talking just bout Paris towards Nick, it was also the other way round) Glad to have heard that, I hope that now everybody say a big SORRY to nick he doesn’t deserve that man! nobody who is innocent deserves that! geez. well *breaths* now Nick should sue everybody lol but I know he won’t it would just bring more drama to this.

  11. Smile says:

    You think Nick did it because what you said here isn’t how it happened. First of, Nick did NOT start crying because of someone that passed by. The paparazzi was COMPLETELY surrounding Nick and yelling at him. And he DIDN’T become violent with those people. There is actual footage of this. Nick wasn’t acting too dramatic for a person who is being blamed by someone he used to love for something he didn’t do and could ruin his life. The second thing here is that he has tons of girls that are more than willing to date him. He is considered a good looking guy as well, so why would he be jealous of her looks?

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