Dido And Eminem To Team Up Again?

Dido with blue eyes

After teaming up on ‘Stan’, Neil Sean of Sky News hears that and Eminem are talking about teaming up for another original tune. “It would be a song we both write this time so we have double the impact,” Dido said. “He’s a far greater songwriter than he gives himself credit for and we gel very well in that respect.”

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3 thoughts on “Dido And Eminem To Team Up Again?

  1. lilbrookiie says:

    yea that would be great. Eminem is such a genius in songwriting.

  2. hooker says:

    I like Dido a lot, clean image, her music sell, even though, her videos are modest, wohoooo! I like her and Lean Rimes, honest to God, these are the kind of female musicians to be admired for, their not fooling the public, of mixing business with pleasure. No gimmick, no strings attached, forever, just a collaboration, of selling something, please! I salute these two female musicians, really, from the bottom of my heart. Thank you!!

  3. popstar says:

    Are you really that ignorant? Dido was sitting on the toilet when she was in the Eminem video. I like some of her songs, but it sounds stupid to say “clean image”.

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