Dido Describes Her On Stage Emotions

answered several fan submitted questions on her official web site, DidoMusic.com, on Thursday (January 8), including why she decided to work with Jon Brion on her latest album ‘Safe Trip Home’, her favorite TV shows, and how she feels when on stage. “There’s so many things I can feel on stage,” Dido said regarding the latter topic. “Before I go on stage I am always nervous. I can’t help it. Then once I open my mouth and start singing/playing I feel calm. And when I see how lucky I am with how great the audience always is, I just get a huge rush of warmth and peace and excitement. I’m doing what I love and just love every minute. I love playing live for the accidents that happen, the sounds and dynamics that are created between the players that will never happen again, just because of the circumstance, the room, the audience, everything. Every night feels different and every night is different!”

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