Dido Has A Crush On Soccer Ace

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News of the World reports and Leeds United soccer star Alan Smith enjoyed a dinner date after she developed a huge crush on the striker and plan another meal when she returns from work in New York. “Dido’s always had a bit of a thing for Alan. Word got back to him and it all took off from there,” a friend revealed. “They had planned to meet this weekend because Leeds were in London to play Arsenal, but Dido had to go to the States so they had to put that on hold. The relationship is just a bit of fun for both of them. Alan split from his girlfriend recently so is also young, free and single.”

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3 thoughts on “Dido Has A Crush On Soccer Ace

  1. bsg1hbk says:

    Ah… Smithy…No MY Smithy..lol..dammit all that waiting for him to split up with that girl and there comes Dido :p

  2. YonderBob says:

    I think Smith’s stunning as well but its okay for me, am a neutral. Aren’t you a Man U fan?

  3. bsg1hbk says:

    Yep I am.. but can’t deny Smithy’s a looker even if he does play for lowly Leeds.

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