Dido Returns To Electronics On Fourth Album

answered some fan questions on her official web site at DidoMusic.com, including from one wondering why her third album ‘Safe Trip Home’ doesn’t have electronic bits in it. The British singer songwriter responded:

I intentionally didn’t use any electronics on the 3rd album. It was a challenge that started as a small thought and then turned into a big theme of the record. We had a lot of fun creating sounds from all manner of instruments (bells, wind instruments, strings, brass, pots, pans, cans, sandpaper, anything). This was instead of using anything pre-programmed. It was a great learning experience for me and also made me a much better musician pretty quickly! It’s also making me really appreciate the joy of electronics again on this new album I’m making. It’s good to take a break and now I’m celebrating my electronic roots again. :-)

Thinks Carefully About Set lists

April 17, 2009 – answered some fan questions at her official web site, DidoMusic.com, including how she picks her set lists. “I definitely think pretty carefully about taking the audience on a journey as I would when choosing the order of an album,” the British singer songwriter responded. “I pick the songs that are the most fun to do live and then create highs and lows and quiet moments and jumping around moments. The lighting is also really satisfying to work on as it’s something I really enjoy when I go to a show myself – when I feel like I can see the music.”

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