Dido Was Never Shamed By Eminem’s ‘Stan’ Boost

Dido’s determination was famously rewarded when Eminem used her cold tea-referencing, ‘Thank You’ for the basis of his global smash, ‘Stan’. In doing so, he delivered Dido’s elegant melancholy to an audience far beyond her wildest imagination. “I’ve never felt any shame in the fact that so many went off and bought my record because they heard ‘Stan’ – it’s funny how some people try to imply I should have. I just don’t think it matters where you first hear music if you like it,” she tells the London Independent. “Besides, it was funny hanging out with Eminem and Dr. Dre. Dr. Dre’s my hero – I was just like an excited kid. It was freaky hearing them tell me how much they loved my record – and if they helped my music cross over into a whole new market, then wicked!”

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