Dietician Credits Montignac Method For Kylie Minogue’s Body

The Scottish Daily Record reports Kylie Minogue’s dietician, Ernest Hilton, has revealed the secret of her superslim physique. He says she uses a diet named the Montignac Method, invented by Michael Montignac. “Kylie has come here for years, she buys all our products as she follows the Montignac Method,” Hilton said.

Kylie Minogue Honored To Win Best Tour At TOTP Awards

December 13, 2002 – Kylie Minogue told fans on her official website Wednesday: “I was so honored to pick up the award for ‘Best Tour’ at the Top of the Pops Awards, especially as it was the second year running. As you have no doubt heard me say before, touring takes a lot of devotion and energy from a great number of people, including the audience! So thank you for your enthusiasm. It’s an essential part of the show! Tonight I am in Boston about to perform at the first of a series of radio gigs in The States. If you’re going, I’ll see you there! Love Kylie x”

Kylie Minogue Spotted Shopping At Anthropologie

December 8, 2002 – The Boston Globe reports Kylie Minogue, who was in town for Wednesday night ‘s Kiss-108 FM Jingle Ball in Lowell, stopped by the Anthropologie store on Tuesday afternoon with two pals from her native Australia. A source said Kylie purchased two books and a small knob suitable for a cabinet. She went unrecognized till someone heard the Aussie accents.

Kylie Minogue Goes On Date With Mystery Man

December 8, 2002 – The Sunday Mirror reports Kylie Minogue was on a date with a mystery man in London where the singer chatted all night to the lucky fella at Fulham bar Bardo before leaving in the early hours yesterday. “She may have looked as if she’d dressed for a funeral but she seemed very happy,” said an onlooker.

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