‘Dirrty’ Diva Blimps Up, Shocking Pals

Globe magazine reports has alarmed friends by her recent weight gain and the partying lifestyle that may have contributed to the bloating. “Christina is fond of wearing revealing stuff,” a pal said. “But recently she’s had to purposely shelve some of her favorite outfits because they either show too much flab or don’t fit at all. She knows she has no one to blame but herself for it and she feels tremendous guilt over it.”

A pal that recently went dancing from the singer said, “For the first time that I can remember, she dind’t get up from her table to socialize. She just sat there, having one drink after another.” The pal added, “She looked sad and alone. Every time I see her, my concerns about her only grow.” Friends hope reports that link her to Jordan Bratman will help steer her psyche in a more positive direction. “I think she put on weight from downing all that booze,” a pal suspects, “which she drinks to deal with her sadness. Now she’s put on a few inches and she’s depressed about that.”

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