Disillusioned By Britney Spears

Contributed by britney_luvr:

I’m a massive fan of but just recently I have started to become a bit disillusioned by her actions.

I’m meaning most of all her posing topless for what seems to be EVERY magazine going at the moment. She’s done it 4 times in the last 3 months and every time she does it, it becomes less and less shocking! The first 2 weren’t too bad but now it’s just becoming a joke and she’s just making herself look cheap and desperate to sell CD’s!

I know I’m not the only fan who thinks this way, I feel she is just selling out the fans, like me, who defended her in the past and she just doesn’t care about us anymore, we’re the ones who are facing the ridicule from people we know and I’m wondering if it was really worth all the hassle to defend her in the past!

The only people who really love these shoots are dirty old men but they are not the ones who will go out and buy her new CD, it’s her TRUE fans that will do that but they’re numbers are dwindling by the day and by the topless photoshoots!

If this continues I will definitely move on to another pop star who deserves my support!

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11 thoughts on “Disillusioned By Britney Spears

  1. Tig says:

    Shortie, Britney is crossing over, she can’t stay lily white forever and a virgin. She has to change wit the times, SEX sells right now, she has to sex it up like Jessica and Christina and Mariah and Madonna, Even Whitney Houston is pushing those tennis ball size tits up now. Even Madonna had to return to trashy to get noticed. Britney is just riding the wave. But think about it, she was stripping and dancing on poles at the VMA’s 2 years ago….so brace yourself, when she returns she won’t have stupid hair, and she won’t be so thick, she’ll have her ***** together.

  2. WaneJessicaSoSoDef says:

    I think you’ve got her seriously confused with Christina Aguilera, Britney has been so successful in her career that she probably has a lot of say-so in whatever she does. Most likely she’s doing these photo shoots cause she chooses too. Plus the fact that she can be “virginal” and sell 13 million albums in the US alone pretty much proves that she doesn’t have to be provocative to sell records…Also while on hiatus she was still making headlines, you can’t deny star power.

  3. hellahooked says:

    I was like you at first. I mean, I wasn’t gonna move onto another pop star but I didn’t like her new image. I still don’t but I’m just not going to worry about it that much because it’s not that important. Her music is the only reason why I became a fan, not her image. So hell with her image and just worry about the music! If they were true fans they wouldn’t care about her image and support her no matter what… after all aren’t you suppose to be a fan for their music not their image? So, yeah I think it’s worth it, to defend her.

  4. louee says:

    Britney has said repeatedly, that she is sexing up her image to attract a more mature audience. She has also said that she hopes her fans grow with her. I’m sorry, but no matter what Britney wears she always looks like a beautiful, blossoming young girl – and she wants to change that. Fans will know she’s grown when they hear her new CD, she knows that, but she realizes the need to get her grown up image out there first so people won’t think she’s just gonna be doing the same ol’ thing. You shouldn’t desert Britney just because some people, who probably like singers that will never match Britney’s status, are dogging her. Don’t you realize by now that no matter what she does, how good she performs or looks a lot of people are still gonna try and say something mean about her. Non-fans are so bitter about Britney’s unyielding star power and will go to great lengths to bring her down. As for the topless photos…just lighten up babe. I don’t think she’s necessarily trying to shock us anymore, I think she’s just trying to get her new image concreted in our heads. I beg you and all of her fans not to give up on her. The same thing happened to Christina when she went “dirrty”, but look at her, she made some of the best music in her career. Let’s support our fave singer so she can do the same-and with less flack!

  5. Xtina-Dirrty says:

    I don’t know what’s wrong with you Britney fans but when I first heard her voice I was truly disappointed and totally disgusted! TRY TO CHANGE YOUR VIEWS NOW BEFORE ITS TOO LATE! “If this continues I will definitely move on to another pop star who deserves my support” THE ANSWER TO THAT: C H R I S T I N A A G U I L E R A (AMERICA’S MOST WANTED ICON)

  6. promisemewings says:

    I think the point that britny_luvr is trying to get across is that all of her publicity is nothing shocking anymore, and that her new “look at me, I’m naked, I’m getting your attention” attitude is overshadowing any sort of musical talent that she has anymore. It’s almost as if Britney cares more about her image than what’s on the album. The problem is that Britney Spears is turning herself into an object and separating herself from being a person. Style is one thing, but substance is another. I seriously hope her upcoming album is good, or else all of her shocking naked antics will just make her look like a skank vying for attention.

  7. Britney_luvr says:

    The point I was trying to get across was that if this new album is panned by the critics then people who do not even bother to listen to it and just believe what they have to say will think she posed topless because her new album wasn’t that good and she needed attention!

    I don’t think there is anything wrong with her posing topless it’s just the amount of times she did it and how soon after each other they have come!! Like I said the first two weren’t bad but it should have ended there, instead she went and did Rolling Stone and she will be in next month’s Esquire, apparently wearing “nothing more than her smile”. This will also come a month after Christina’s been on it almost fully clothed and looking really gorgeous, people will no doubt compare the two shoots and it will make Christina look better and Britney look like a desparate skank trying to get attention!

  8. louee says:

    Why even worry about people who aren’t gonna listen to her music? Don;t you realize that even if it is successful they will say it’s because of the photos. And, if she hadn’t taken the photos, they would find something else to pick on. She can’t win with some people. She mite as well do what she wants.

  9. louee says:

    I don’t think Britney is making a big deal about her image or trying to emphasize it more than her music….we are. Why do we have to cry, complain and/or praise the girl’s every freakin photo shoot. Just let it go. Just look at the pics and say “Cool, I like this” or “Boo, I don’t like this” and move on. Don’t look into things so deeply. Let her music, when it’s released, speak for itself. If I only went by what I thought of Xtina’s dirrty image, I would’ve never bought her album, and boy, would I have ever missed out! Just ignore the mag covers, if they disturb you. No matter people will have you think, those pics hardly reveal Britney’s true character. All I see is a cute girl playfully becoming a grown up. Crazy how another person can look at the same pics and think she’s a whore or sellout.

  10. ballersfantasy says:

    Britney’s the next Playboy Cover? Didn’t people also say that about Christina when she was on last year’s Rolling Stone? You need to grow up and get over it. I think you secretly like Britney and hate to admit it. Besides, who said posing for Playboy is such a horrible thing? It’s a freakin’ honor, which I’m sure Christina would even do.

  11. mslin says:

    Sex sells, but a real artist doesn’t need to use sex to sell……..there are plenty of artists out there who sell album without shedding any clothes……because they have talent. Sure those who keep their clothes on may not sell as many albums, but at lest they still have their self respect, and dignity. And just because she’s an adult, doesn’t mean she has to go take her shirt off to prove it.

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