Disney Dumps Janet Jackson-Linked Statue

The Associated Press reports The Walt Disney Co. has quietly shelved a life-size statue of Mickey Mouse inspired by singer in reaction to her Super Bowl halftime breast flash. The 6-foot, 700-pound statue was one of 75 unveiled at Walt Disney World in Orlando last fall to celebrate the 75th birthday of Mickey Mouse. The statue inspired by Jackson was clad in a tight black outfit similar to one she wore in 1990 after the release of her album, ‘Rhythm Nation 1928’.

New Video To Premiere Next Week

March 2, 2004 – Contributed by Kizzardkid: According to Janet-Xone.com, Janet’s new video for her new single ‘Just A Little While’, will be added to VH1 and BET for regular rotation beginning Monday (March 8). No Word on if MTV will be doing the same.

Sample Of FCC Breast Flash Complaint Letters Obtained

March 1, 2004 – With Monday marking the one-month anniversary of Janet Jackson’s Super Bowl breast flash, The Smoking Gun obtained a sampling of letters sent to the Federal Communications Commission following the controversial halftime show. While the FCC received more than 200,000 e-mails and letters about the incident, the website was only willing to fork over $249.90 for 1570 representative letters. As expected, the overwhelming majority of these missives were harshly critical of Jackson, *NSYNC star Justin Timberlake, MTV, and CBS. Check out the sample letters here.

Fans Pointing Blame At JD?

March 1, 2004 – Jeannette Walls of MSNBC.com reports that some Janet fans are blaming her boyfriend and hip hop producer Jermaine Dupri for having too strong an influence over some of her recent decisions.

Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Album

February 29, 2004 – RollingStone.com is featuring the 500 Greatest Albums Of All Times. Michael Jackson’s best position was #202 for his album ‘Bad’. Madonna comes a little below in #278 with ‘The Immaculate Collection’. Lauryn Hill, Janet Jackson and Bjork are also included in the list.

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6 thoughts on “Disney Dumps Janet Jackson-Linked Statue

  1. weebongo says:

    Madonna has 4 albums on the list more than any other female artist. She is a real talent that consistently makes fantastic albums. Madonna is one of the most respected and admired artists this list proves that. Mariah was completely dissed not even making it on the top 500 once. It’s no surprise since everything Mariah does is disposable crap that will never be remembered.

  2. JLOVER101 says:

    The numbers are wrong, I think by highest is at #278, nanda might have meant highest in number, lowest in position????? Because Michale makes his first appearance on the list at #20. Both of Janet’s albums are higher than any of Madonna’s albums.

  3. Ecrirbling182 says:

    Good call. Note the Beatles appearing a plethera of times at high ranking positions. I have to say, I love my pop with the best of them. While not as excited about I have been like back in the days of NSYNC and Britney’s highest popularity, I still pop in a CD of theirs now and then and enjoy it! Still find myself wanting “Self Titled Debut” sometimes and not “Stripped”. But no matter what kind of music you listen to you should at least try out the Beatles. There’s really nothing like it and they encompass this whole musical pop culture…era that everyone discovers at one point and if you, person reading this, haven’t had a chance yet – do it now. They have something for every preference – so pick an album off that list and give it a try because there ain’t nuthin like em.

  4. LibraGal says:

    I don’t really care for Rolling Stone Magazine, but Congrats to those who made ‘their’ list. I personally don’t need any magazine to tell me what is good or what is not, since I have my own opinion(s).

  5. clayfan says:

    If you’ll look at the print edition of the mag, it will tell you exactly who the reviewers are, and what their criteria was. If you’re dismayed by the lack of Mariah/Britney/Xtina then write a letter to the editor. Depeche Mode and the Cure have released albums that RS considers worthy to make the list. They just didn’t seem to choose to include any of your darlings based on their years of reviewing music. These writers have more experience listening to and writing about music than you have. And you know what? It IS all about the music, babe.

  6. shamed says:

    I am ashamed to be a resident of Orlando. Janet is a world-renowned entertainer. One mistake does not in any warrant this action by Disney. PUT JANET BACK!

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