DJ Qualls: Lindsay’s Not Nice & Her Movie Career’s On The Rocks

DJ Qualls was videotaped leaving Element in Hollywood with girlfriend Nikki Reed, where the actor have something to say about Lindsay Lohan. “Let me tell you this,” the 30-year-old said, “ is not kind. I will say that. She’s just not nice, not nice, she’s not a nice girl.” Nikki, 18, laughed and said “Baby, stop… stop baby.” DJ was not quite finished. He added, “She has two movies left, that’s all I’m saying!” has since removed the audio.

Crashes Mercedes

crashed her Mercedes on Robertson Blvd. in a trendy area of Los Angeles – and right near celebrity hotspot the Ivy. After the crash, Lohan ran into the nearby Hideaway House Antiques shop to hide from the paparazzi. While plenty of photographers were on the scene, as one eyewitness would tell TMZ, they were not responsible for this accident.

Video footage at, including video of the damaged Mercedes being towed away, has since been removed.

Harry Morton’s Female Friend Leaves Lindsay Lohan Jealous

In Touch magazine reports that when Pink Taco mogul Harry Morton told Lindsay Lohan he was going to visit a “female friend” on Saturday (July 15), the singer/actress didn’t take the news well. “Lindsay didn’t believe him and went crazy thinking he was cheating on her,” an insider revealed. Distraught and tearful, Lohan tried to keep her mind off the thought of Harry straying by partying all night with friends. Later, Lohan had a “small fender bender” while driving back to her hotel early Sunday morning.

Lindsay Lohan Eying Home In England

Carson Daly joked during his Last Call monologue on Tuesday night, “There’s rumors all over the internet now that Lindsay Lohan is attempting to buy a home in England. She wants to live over in England. I thought this was strange, though. Prime Minister Tony Blair issued a statement to the U.S. saying, ‘We’ll take Lindsay if you guys promise to take back Madonna.'”

Lindsay Lohan Reverses Course, Now Ready For Monogamy

The New York Daily News reports Lindsay Lohan is so hooked on new boyfriend Harry Morton that the 20-year-old is dating the Pink Taco restauranteur exclusively. Friends tell Ben Widdicombe that before meeting Morton, Lohan was known to date several men at a time and had said, “I’ve become like the guy in relationships. Lately I just cannot be in a monogamous relationship.”

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