‘Do Something’ Director Upset With Britney Spears’ Posting

Britney Spears 'Do Something'

Groovevolt.com reports that music video director Billie Woodruff is upset with after the singer’s latest message to fans referred to him as “a young, hungry, director” putting together her ‘Do Something’ promo. Woodruff, who isn’t young, and given his previous work with the Backstreet Boys, Outkast, TLC, and others… including Britney herself on ‘Overprotected’, isn’t “hungry” either. “He was very hurt by her statements,” a close friend said. “She has called him several times since the posting but he does not want to speak with her.”

The entire story at Groovevolt.com has since been removed.

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10 thoughts on “‘Do Something’ Director Upset With Britney Spears’ Posting

  1. fandango says:

    I thought the same thing. What kind of freaking comment is THAT? She acts like he begged her to do the video, and ‘hungry’ means ‘great work for cheap’. Then she compliments the guys DOG. If I were him, I’d slap Britney in the face, and say “Find another director – Bitch!!” What an egotistical bitch.

    Why not just say that he is an enthusiastic talent or something like that? She made him seem desperate. And those others with the big ego that she referred to helped boost her career to where it is now. She just sounds ungrateful and should shut her big mouth for a change.

  2. weebongo says:

    Actually he is a very hungry director because he wants to do movies, videos is not enough for him. He’s hungry to be a big time movie director. Compared to the ages of most directors he is young. Britney was right on target with her comments, he just can’t handle it, which shows how young he really is.

  3. LiveFastandDieYoung says:

    I can understand why his feelings were hurt but she wasn’t that far off target with the statement. He’s hungry doesn’t mean he’s a starving artist. Billie’s worked on several projects but he still has a passion of the business. Most directors lose that passion after they have worked on so many projects. Billie hasn’t, his idea’s are still fresh.

  4. alm81 says:

    That’s what I thought too when I read her post. She said some really odd, dumb crap.

  5. EveryoneSucks says:

    That’s because she thinks that anyone who hasn’t worked with her yet is a nobody. how egotistical.

  6. MetamorphosisIsInTheZone0 says:

    Wow how many ‘sources’ and ‘close friends’ to celebrities do these tabloids know?

  7. divalamb says:

    Oh my god! That is exactly what I said about Billie Woodruff on one of these post. It was so ignorant of her to just assume he was up and coming because she didn’t know who he was. She so sad. She had to know what kind of work he’s done or she wouldn’t have used him. I’m glad he spoke up!

  8. manwithaplan94 says:

    I wondered about that comment too young and hungry I sure have seen his name’, ‘as director of many great videos but then again as fans and non fans alike know Britney always says things that are not accurate. I mean its like duh she is very talented,rich,and attractive but she’s no Albert Einstein.

  9. rangergirl says:

    How is she talented? She can’t sing, dance or act well. She’s no better than Ashlee.

  10. TheresOnlyOneJimmyPee says:

    OH MY GOD. that is unbelievable. the dumb ho has worked with him on TWO videos already, and she doesn’t even remember it. so much for her being so in control of her career. ROFL. Stupid bitch wasn’t even paying attention to who was directing her videos. not to mention she thinks he’s “hungry”. god damn she really is a fool.

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