‘Do Something’ Video Proves Britney Spears’ Career Is Deception

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I am ashamed and appalled at the management at Inc. They let her direct. Britney Spears is promoted as a princess of pop, meaning she is deserving of the title princess, of an industry that prides its self on excellent videos. The film clip for “do something” was unprofessional, poor quality and a huge slide from her rave reviews of her past videos.

The critic’s will cut this clip to shred’s, if I a member of the buying public can see the low grade of this video so evidently then I am sure a paid critic will be laughing there socks of when they come upon this piece of work.

It started bad where Britney was right in the camera, what a awful screen they put over the top of the camera if there was a screen at all, its looks to raw, its cuts from one scene to another it is all over the place, the scene where they are in the car on the clouds looks incredibly cheap and the end scene where Britney is rocking out.
What is the rocking all about, she should have realized a long time ago that going into other style’s of music/roles is not where her talent is, her talent is being a puppet, and damn she is great at it, she just proved how good she is at being a puppet by not having any input into any of her previous videos, because with this one she directed and it is incredibly bad compared to her others.

On stating what I thought of the video, I think if I really try hard! What kind of an image or style she was trying to go for in this video, most likely an Eminem kind of approach, but it was defiantly recreated badly.

Other things to mention (and I know they are petty comments but uh! Who cares)
She has lost her figure, yes ladies and gentlemen she is dancing in underwear on her knees again like in toxic and my prerogative (like can u sing with out being naked haha) her lip-synching was very all badly timed and all over the place, the complete and utter digitalization of her voice has now become the norm in all her videos (I am sure there are young boys and girls out there that think Britney spears sings like a robot naturally) and the references to drugs they way she does is awful and done in bad taste its like in her words “somebody give me some drugs so I can ride on the clouds” like who says that , its like the type of kids at school we all knew or know who brag about how they smoke or have done something bad, no theme to the video just all over the place, cheap lighting.

In conclusion I would like to make a suggestion to the management of Britney spears Inc, do not let her have any more input into her videos. (This may sound really plain but) or all her career will tank and you will have lost a money-spinner!
Ah just leave her to decide if she ties her shirt up into a knot or not like she did in “baby one more time” that’s more her style – Huge brainwave! That was how creative!

Also a word to Brit, “sweet girl, you know you’re not good at the whole you know like making something for yourself thing…. just leave to it every one else, like you have done in the past, you will have a better chance of keeping your career then. Ok darling.

I think that was simple enough for her!
Britney has been deceptive (how can she be called an artist if she has not created her career) and Oops she proved it with this video. Shows over people!
Get it

PS just another sign that the rightful princess is about to come forward, guess who? Haha.

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One thought on “‘Do Something’ Video Proves Britney Spears’ Career Is Deception

  1. oh yeah? says:

    Fu** you ! it’s the sexiest video of Britney… I love it !

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