Docs Caution Britney Spears On Sexed-Up Tour

Famed psychologist Dr. Joyce Brothers tells Globe magazine that Britney Spears’ sexed-up Onyx Hotel tour may be damaging to her career. “What Britney is really doing is hastening the end of her career,” Brothers said. “There’s no question that she’s simply out for all the publicity she can get. But I think she is being unwise and heading for a fall. Parents will know about it from other parents and stop taking their kids to see her. This is not a road someone takes to remain in the limelight.” New York based marriage and sex therapist Dr. Jane Greer added, “You don’t want to think you’re going to PG and have it turn out X-rated. Britney definitely needs a parental warning label.”

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10 thoughts on “Docs Caution Britney Spears On Sexed-Up Tour

  1. popmaster167 says:

    yeah these parents obviously need a sign to tell them to mot bring their children there cause the countless press,reviews and pictures of her show don’t seem to be sinking in apparently. Its a well known fact what her shows are about,its up to the parents to parent and if they are that concerned to look up what a show is likely to have in it before taking their chidren there,it really is that simple.

  2. xxbabyxgirlxx says:

    Well if Dr. Brothers is right…parents would have stopped bringing their kids to the shows…HOWEVER, EVERY show you hear about some retard mother or father who feigns shock after seeing the show. They knew damn well what was going to happen…the just want something else to b!tch about.

  3. galleta says:

    Are these parents blind or just stupid? Everyone knows how slutty Britney is and if they don’t what rock have they been under. They know ahead of time that her show is going to be sexual and they want to see it, they use the excuse of taking their kids then once they get there they feel guilty for subjecting their little innocent Eminem loving kiddies to the show and fake shock, yet they seem to all stay until the end. HYPOCRITES

  4. melikkab says:

    I hate to tell Dr. Brothers but Britney hasn’t been PG in years.

  5. xxbabyxgirlxx says:

    I know. LMAO When was the last time she saw anything about her? When Oops came out?

  6. getalifeyall says:

    I don’t remember too many children attending Elvis or Madonna concerts either. That never really seemed to harm their careers.

  7. Meggz75 says:

    I hate to be the one to tell Dr. J. Brothers this but I did not see many…’, ‘kids at her concert to begin with. Most were over 16, if not older. So before people start assuming that all her fans are still in diapers….maybe they should make a head count on how many Britney concert goers are actually under the age of 16. I would say more but I have said the same thing over and over again. Until Britney is a parent, it is not her job or responsibility to parent any child. Parents need to take responsibility for their own kids and stop blaming everyone else.

  8. lvpinkjeans says:

    I’m sick and tired of hearing all these people whine about how XXX rated Britney’s show is. Hello she’s 21 now her latest album reflects her age and the fact that she is maturing. Children should not be listening to her new music and definitely not going to her concerts. She is not 17 any more so you parents who are so disgusted and appalled at the quality and provocative nature of the show need to get over it and take your kids to see a Disney cartoon or Hilary Duff concert. She is 16 ok!

  9. EvanescenceSucks says:

    Any parent who has seen her VMA “Oops!” performance, her “Slave 4 U” music video, and her various topless/bottomless magazine photo shoots and acts surprised that her new concert is slutty is an IDIOT.

    Parents should be taking an active interest in what their kids are into. If they had even listened to half the songs on ITZ, they would have known the concert wouldn’t have been good for their kids to see.

  10. Chrissy2587 says:

    you all need to STFU god I have never seen so many ignorant assholes in my life. It is her life let her do what she wants if you don’t like it oh well keep your *****ing mouths shut. If you did some research on this poor girl you would know she is nothing like how she is in videos or on tour. Do you see her walking around in really short dresses or wearing belly shirts all the time when she is out NO

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