Does Britney Spears Sleep With Mom And Sister?

The latest blind item from E! Online’s Ted Casablanca has many wondering if the answer is Britney Spears, mother Lynne, and sister Jamie Lynn. InStyle magazine recently did a feature from Spears mansion in Kentwood, and the blind item, which talks about a famous celeb who shares a bed with her mom and sis, says “the trendy rag just didn’t think this sleeping slip-up was fit for their prim pages. So, the elegant (and flack-fearing) editors held onto the titillating tidbit.”

Chart Topping Diva Has 18-Year-Old Child

August 13, 2002 – Tuesday’s New York Post blind item asks, “Which chart-topping diva not only had a secret marriage – she also had an 18-year-old child she’s kept hidden from her fans? Her latest boy toy found out and freaked out.”

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9 thoughts on “Does Britney Spears Sleep With Mom And Sister?

  1. Brentwood_Babe says:

    OMG!!! I adore Janet, but why the secrecy? How did she manage to keep her secrets quiet for so long? She’s a major celebrity, you’d have thought this would be old news.

    Wow, I’m not totally surprised by this. I hope this child (now an adult) is in her life.

  2. sweetcheeks says:

    Please don’t believe everything you read, especially a blind item. They could be talking about anyone.

  3. BlackQueen says:

    This is like PURE BULL DROPPINGS…..Whats even worse is that there are people out there who will believe its actually true…I need to get into the tabloid business. The New York Post must be selling like crazy with this stuff. Now that’s how you sell manufactured bull crap…Some pop artist/groups should take notes……PEACE

  4. mellowyellow says:

    They’re trying to make you think it’s Janet but I don’t think it’s true. She’s been in the public eye for the past 18 years and I don’t think she would be able to hide something like this. But then again we are talking about someone who was married for 10 years and some members of her family didn’t even know.

  5. Izzy says:

    It would have to be Janet Jackson or Mariah Carey.
    Janet did manage to hide her 7 year marriage…bet that freaked Justin out big time.

  6. Brentwood_Babe says:

    Found out somewhere else that Janet does have a daughter, from when she was a teen and briefly married to that DeBarge guy and she’s being raised by Rebe in Europe.

  7. dragonzNpiano says:

    I bet its Mariah Carey because i just have a big feeling its her. When she married that guy from Sony they had a child then when she dated Eminem recently he found out then they broke up.

  8. SPANKY says:

    Hello people!!!! If it were Janet Jackson or Mariah Carey they would have had the baby when they were just teenagers!! Mariah is only 33 and Janet is 36. Mariah would have been 15 and Janet would have been 18. Also, when did Mariah have a secret marriage? I would believe Janet more than Mariah!

  9. blue_skies_1021 says:

    I’m trying to think of a pop star that could possibly have a kid and no one know. It could be Janet or Mariah. I don’t know maybe Shakira, how old is she, shes like 31. She would of been a teenager and shes been famous since like 13. SO I guess its not her. Madonna, no she wanted kids. Cher, why would she hide it. I don’t know. Maybe its J.lo or someone shes like 31. I heard once that she had a 6 yr. old son. I don’t know. Out of all of them I think its Janet.

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