Does Christina Aguilera Have Social Anxiety Disorder?

Contributed anonymously:

Social Anxiety Disorder is a disorder in which people feel intense fear of certain social situations.

You may say that can not be shy at all flaunting her body in music videos, but this may not be the case. People with this disorder may only feel the effects in certain reasons, while Christina may feel comfortable on stage she may have alot of trouble with regular converstations.

Many interviewers and fans have described Christina as seeming distant, aloof, and unemotional and even conceited. This is how many people with social anxiety often seem.

Social Anxiety may explain some of Christina’s recent actions, such as cancelling a tour and nightclub concert, she may have been having severe anxiety attacks and was unable to perform, however that is just speculation.

Social Anxiety Disorder is a dibilitating disorder and is solved by medicine or behavior modification therapy.

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