Does Christina Aguilera Know Her Fans Are Losing Faith In Her?

Contributed anonymously:

There has been a lot of speculation about the cancellation of Christina Aguilera’s summer tour. She states “strained vocal chords”, but rumors have swirled about poor ticket sales. Although she takes the time to deny those rumors… has she taken any time to address her fan’s issues with her fan club? Yet again, Christina’s Official Fan Club, Xposed, is becoming a problem. TONS of fans bought ticket packages (ranging in price from $120 up to 350!), but since the cancellation of the tour over a month ago, they have yet to receive refunds for their purchases! Phone calls, emails, and posts on their forum had yielded no answer. Even the moderators at the forum have suggested to members to just dispute the charges on their credit card, rather than wait for Xposed to issue a refund. So, where is Christina in all of this? All we can say is that the issue with the fanclub problems WAS brought to her mother Shelly Kearns’ attention about a year ago… but why have they continued to use FansRule as the company to run the fanclub? Even after the company filed BANKRUPTCY a few months ago, and has been reported to the Better Business Bureau over and over? It is a mystery…

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