Does It Really Matter?

Contributed anonymously:

Why are so many people getting into Britney Spears’ business? So many of you are acting like the girl can’t get married. Simple, how would you like it if you were famous and in love with somebody and was truly ready for marriage and the haters even some fans tell you, you can’t get married because they said so? Well, that’s just like what a lot of you are doing.

Nobody should be disappointed in Britney or anything because it’s her life. We’re not her, she’s not us. So why do some continue to act like they own Britney?

To her fans that now are disliking her, tell me, would you rather see Britney happy with Kevin, or sad and depressed and crying and stuff like she did a while back? So let her go and be with Kevin cause when Britney and Kevin are photographed together, they always look happy, most of the time.

And you just noticed Britney’s got acne? She’s only human and she’s not wearing 100 tons of make-up like some stars do, hint hint X . So she’s just giving you haters a message saying she doesn’t give about you and your hating.

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