Does Pink Diss Christina Aguilera On Her New Album?

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According to, teamed up with Tim Armstrong of Rancid for nine of the fourteen tracks and with Linda Perry for at least two tracks for her new album ‘Try This.’ On the album’s fifth cut, “Oh My God,” she gets into some girl-on-girl action with rapper Peaches. Yet even this seems like a warm-up for “Catch Me While I’m Sleeping,” a -like ballad produced and co-written by Perry. In “Try Too Hard,” another Perry-helmed winner, she takes on a wanna-be who tries to be “different” by copying the right people. Is it fellow Perry collaborator Christina Aguilera? Avril Lavigne? “It’s people like you that make me sick/I’m surrounded by you everywhere I look,” Pink cries, changing the first “you” to a self-deprecating “us” for the final chorus. The strongest Armstrong contribution is the final, hidden track, “Hooker,” where Pink takes on another clueless, possibly famous villain. It’s the glee with which she delivers her put-downs that’s so thrilling.

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11 thoughts on “Does Pink Diss Christina Aguilera On Her New Album?

  1. FaustoAguilera says:

    Well my guess is the song has nothing to do with Avril or Christina, who both suck ass by the way. Pink is a cool girl with her style and a true ability to reinvent unlike Christina “how many ways can I look like a whore” Aguilera.

  2. squall says:

    Pink? Drunken Fat Ho comes to mind!!’, ‘whatever, Pink is just a fat drunk ho wannabe anyway. She went from a wannabe ghetto over produced R&B singer to a pop/rock singer? Now she is doing pop, chick-rock? Huh? Like her or not, Christina Aguilera has an incredible voice and can definitely rock the hell outta Pink. She is one of America’s best vocalists right now. Anything that Pink sings Christina could improve 100x more. Pink’s voice is like a poor man’s Christina. I mean, who’s voice do you think actually caught the attention of Grammy voters? Pink???? haha, right….. Avril Lavigne is cute and she at least writes insightful lyrics that people young and old can relate to. She is able to put many issues into a simple manner which seems to lack bias. Not only that she was only 16 when she co-wrote all the actual melodies of each song on her album. She’s also got a pretty big, solid voice.

  3. B0rntoplay says:

    Hmm…I don’t think Pink should be talking about copying others.

  4. B0rntoplay says:

    All of a sudden, she seems to be kissing all these girls. Brit and Christina copycat

  5. squall says:

    The next time she wants to bitch back at Britney or Kelly she should say “should’ve learned how to sing before your album flopped”….. Damn I should write her stuff….. OR “blah blah, SHUT UP”… Is what I would’ve told Christina to sing the next time she went on stage!

  6. mel_melanie says:

    yea Christina has a good voice but she don’t write her own songs she co-writes but doesn’t write them, her writer is Rhett Lawrence.

  7. grprincess says:

    You need to check your facts- Avril did NOT write her own songs

  8. squall says:

    Yeah she did.’, ‘She wrote the lyrics of all the songs and she CO-WROTE the entire album’s melodies… that’s not bad for someone who was 16…. Get your facts straight… besides… she was credited as such. Also, if it were not true, wouldn’t the Matrix have sued her? They didn’t. Lastly, the fact that Avril’s name is listed as a co-writer for the entire album clearly means that it is legal and BINDING. Get your facts straight!

    Just because you can drive a car doesn’t mean you can make one. Christina has vocal talent… she is a vocalist… She is trying her hand at composing… THE END.

  9. LuckyThirteen says:

    Pink needs to get off her high horse. She’s not as original and different as she thinks.

  10. Danisha says:

    LMAO! Pink’s jealous and bitter. Like I said b4, she’s the girl in school who acts like she hates the in crowd while secretly wanting to be in it. She’s pointing fingers at others calling them posers when she’s the very definition of the word. Christina is ten times the artist she’ll EVER be. All this hating on Chris is pretty funny. Can’t wait to see the looks on the faces of all these hating skanks come that night in Feb when Christina wins multiple Grammys.

  11. snooky says:

    Just what anyone could find thrilling about Pink is amazing. How in the world do people perceive things? Pink is a self revealing fool who thinks she’s showing just how cool she is. But there are those who see her act and know that the day may, if she’s smart enough,come when she see’s it herself and admits how silly she must have appeared and would be embarrassed enough to just stop it. When she proudly says how amused she was at the thought of getting the important people wet during one of her gimmicks, is just so repulsive. Pink,,,,,,,,grow up. You are ridiculous. You need an un-nose job. Get rid of the Piggy nose, and grow a neck, maybe those flaws need to go and then perhaps you’ll act cool. But then again, one needs character to be honestly cool. Pink ain’t got character.

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