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Former New Kids on the Block star Donnie Wahlberg stopped by Late Night with Conan O’Brien on Friday to promote his new TV show ‘Boomtown’, though much of the conversation was about his NKOTB days. Donnie talked about how they played in the prison system before they made it big, and how his son isn’t too familiar with the boyband, instead being a fan of Slipknot. Read on for a portion of their chat.

Conan: He’s now starring in the new NBC series, “Boomtown.” Please
welcome Donnie Wahlberg.

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Conan: You know, we have something in common, which is, we sort of grew up in the same area in M. And I remember when I was living in Boston and
the new kids hit, it was huge. It was just this huge experience. And Joey, from the new kids, McIntyre, he bought a house right next to my parent’s house, like, a couple of streets over.

Donnie: Right.

Conan: And I would pass it, and I would see all these girls camped outside his house, and I remember thinking, “I wanted girls camped out outside
my house!”

[ Laughter ] “Someday it’ll happen!”

Donnie: Yeah.

Conan: It never did!

[ Laughter ] That must’ve been intense for you, too, is that right?

Donnie: Yeah, yeah. it’s funny though — it’s funny that you say that,
you know, because we used to get, like, flack from people who would see the girls hanging out, you know, people would drive by my house and see the girls and start screaming obscenities. You know, guys would drive by and throw eggs at Halloween.

Conan: Just jealousy.

Donnie: Yeah, but it’s nice to know that, you know, beneath the jealousy, there are people like you who really wanted that for themselves, you know?

[ Laughter ]

Conan: Yeah.

Donnie: That’s really cool.

Conan: This is a true story. Like two Christmases ago, I came home,
and my mother, at one point, said, “there’s some girls hanging outside the front of the house.” And I was like, “Yes, this is great. I’ve always wanted this.” So I went out, and I was like, “girls, please, I need my privacy, you know?”

[ Laughter ] “I’m a person. Leave me alone.” And they said that they
were on their way over to Joey’s house –[ Laughter ] — And that they had
just stopped off for a second.

Donnie: That actually happened to me before. I had girls — and you
know, they were always outside mine too. But one day, I went out, and I said,
“Hey, how you doing?” And they said, “Hey, we just wanted to know how to
get to Jordan’s house.”

[ Laughter ] I was like, “All right, thanks.”

Conan: “Thanks a lot. Thank you. Did you really say that?”

Donnie: Right, right.

Conan: Now, when you guys first started out, you were playing anywhere you could get an audience. You were playing prisons at one point, is that

Donnie: We did. You know, it’s one of the great myths — it’s true.

[ Laughter ]

Conan: I was gonna say, I wouldn’t suggest that the boy bands today
go to a prison.

[ Laughter ]

Donnie: Exactly.

Conan: I don’t know how long NSYNC’s gonna last in prison.

[ Laughter ]

Donnie: Not long. The funny thing is though people think we were this
huge, overnight sensation, but we really weren’t. We were doing for about four yve we could do, and we did three prison appearances. One of them, my older brother was in the prison, and he was the promoter for the show.

[ Laughter and applause ] It’s true. It’s true. He’s —

Conan: It’s nice to know somebody there.

Donnie: No, it was pretty remarkable, but, you know, we used to be,
you know, obviously, we hated to get booed anywhere, but to go into a prison, I mean, god, if you fail on a prison concert, you might get raped, you might get
murdered. There’s no telling what could happen. So what we used to do is we would come up with strategies to win the inmates over, and what we did the first time is I smuggled in a couple cartons of cigarettes. And so, at the end of the show, I just started throwing them out, and I handed it out to some of the guys in the group and we all threw them out, and the inmates went crazy, and word spread throughout the prisons in Massachusetts about the new kids, you know, they would come and throw cigarettes out. And so, everybody wanted us out there.

Conan: You didn’t really need an act at that point, really.

[ Laughter ] You could just’s the new

on the block and their cigarette-shooting machine.”

[ Laughter ]

Donnie: Yeah. Yeah.

Conan: Wow. Now, you have children yourself now.

Donnie: Av two, yeah.

Conan: Two kids. Are they performers? Can you see it in them? To perform?

Donnie: Well, I have a 1-year-old who — I don’t know with him t,t,
but my 9-year-old, my son Xavier, he plays guitar. He doesn’t really know about my musical tastes. He knows a little bit about it. But I think he heard about. The first time he really knew about is he heard Eminem singing a song about us, and said the new kids sucked or something, and he was like, “dad, weren’t you in that group?”

[ Laughter ] “Why did he say you sucked?”

Conan: Right,

Donnie: I was like, “We did, son.”

[ Laughter ]

Conan: No.

Donnie: No, no, no. That’s a joke. That’s a joke. But, you know, he
plays guitar, and he actually — his musical taste is much different than mine. He listens to like death metal and I don’t think it’s ’cause I’m not a good parent. I think I’m a pretty good parent. He’s not revolting or anything, but he just listens to like Slipknot —

Conan: Slipknot’s huge.

Donnie: Yeah, I mean, he loves them. And it’s like — I don’t know,
they, like, have these bloody masks and all this weird stuff, and ‘sike,”They’re cool they’re cool,” and he’s learning all their songs. So I try to teach him some older songs like — he’s learning “Stairway to Heaven” now for me. And “Smells Like Teen Spirit” by Nirvana, for he does these

Conan: Oh, ood. So you’re instructing hi that — right. There’s more than just —

Donnie: Well, I want him to know where all these bands came from. They all came from Led Zeppelin and Jimmy Page is like the greatest guitarist of
all-time, and I want him to know the history of it, not just get caught up in the new stuff.

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5 thoughts on “Donnie Wahlberg Talks New Kids On The Block

  1. andrea says:

    Ok, I think they have misspelled a couple of words on this interview anyways I thought his younger was Xavier, and not Elligah was the older one I know I misspelled his other son name I’m confused . which is his older son and I know I am way behind on this interview to leave a comment but I thought I would just leave it anyways .

  2. andrea says:

    I meant to say which one is Xavier, and Elligah I thought I saw it on a picture that the younger son was Xavier and the older son was Elligah he is now 15 yrs old before this interview took place . anyways I know I misspelled his son name Elligah I think . and I know this interview is over but I thought I leave a message anyways . wasn’t his younger son Xavier the CD of his stare at you that’s the one I think they may have missed up on on this interview and not the other son Elligah anyways hope to see more of Donnie in Boomtowns after NKOTB is done with and no they didn’t suck or I wouldn’t of listen to them and bought all his CDs and videos and yes I had the phone too.

  3. kasi says:

    His older son is Xavier who’s almost 16 and his younger son is Elijah and he’s 7. his son featured at the end of the song stare at you is Elijah.

  4. francesca says:

    anyone know where I can find video of this?!
    what date was it?
    lol ya I really need to see this

  5. Amanda says:

    My name is Amanda I’m 24 and live at the bra, Sydney, 2035 and I want to come backstage to NKOTB in Sydney my dad is a bodyguard at the Sydney Entertainment Centre for many people but, you guys are playing at the Acer Arena. My sisters are 36 and won’t come I’m coming to your concert but I tried the VIP and it was not working. You should have Marky Mark and the funky bunch as your support act

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