Don’t Ask Jennifer Lopez About Ben Affleck

John Oliver of got a chance to interview but got a rude response when she asked about fiance Ben Affleck. The diss resulted in a rather negatively themed article about the ‘Maid in Manhattan’ star, whom Oliver says is oblivious to negative sentiments from her former neighbors, and stresses the positive experience she gets from meeting young fans from the Bronx. “They go crazy,” she said. “They are very affectionate with me. They’ll come and hug me and hang on to me and all want to be in a big circle. It’s important to me because I didn’t have that as much when I was growing up; somebody that I could go, ‘She’s right where I’m from and lived right there and she did this and I kind of have those dreams too.'”

Jennifer Lopez Almost Loses Engagement Ring

December 6, 2002 – The National Enquirer reports Jennifer left her pink diamond engagement ring behind at a hotel room she was staying in. When J.Lo realized what she’d done, she had her driver speed back to the hotel so she could retrieve it. The manager calmed her down and told her the housekeeper had found it and it was in their safe.

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