Don’t Believe The Hype

Contributed Anonymously:

Why we tend to believe everything we see or hear on entertainment shows. If Nancy O’Dell tells us that is beautiful then everyone believes it and say ohhh J Lo is beautiful. J Lo became famous for her scandals and her “glow” which was a creation of Scott Barnes. Of course if you have a makeup artist that uses like 10 different color foundations to create shadows and highlight, and contouring to create a skinny nose bridge and high cheek bones and highlighters you are going to look like perfection. Well, I have seen her and first of all her natural hair is curly and there is nothing wrong with that but we always see her with silky shiny straight her. Her nose is flat (thank goodness for highlighters J Lo) and her teeth have rounded edges. After seeing her I can tell you that if she walks in a restaurant without her hair being done, no makeup and no designer clothes no one would even give her a second look, she would be overlooked.

What about Jessica Simpson, she lost some weight but in US Weekly you see her in this pink bikini and leather jacket and you can see that she still has a flabby part under her butt. Her chin and face shape are very masculine. But I think she is pretty besides all that. In her Newlyweds show when she is singing for the troops she is wearing a halter top and the camera is behind her and you can see how saggy her boobies are (thank goodness for bras!).

Her sister Ashley’s nose is huge and she needs to try a little less grease on her hair. Justin Timberlake, that is all hype, yes he is talented but I’m not talking about talent, the boy has a nose that looks like a green pepper and top that with a fro.

I guess what I’m trying to say is don’t believe what you hear, make your own decisions, you own assumptions. Voice your opinions not the one of others. And remember celebrities are like all of us they have insecurities, big noses, acne, flabby and saggy parts and their poop stinks too. Be happy to be yourself and stop thinking that a celeb looks better than you just because he/she is on TV. Because chances are that without the makeup and styling they are not.

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