Don’t Bother With ‘Me Against The Music’

The Glasgow Daily Record weighed in on Britney Spears’ new single ‘Me Against the Music’, featuring Madonna, claiming that while it appeared “good match on paper… the reality is less spectacular.” They added, “ has made a career out of being a slapper (ie. promiscuous woman) but she has not relied on sexuality alone music has played part.”

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10 thoughts on “Don’t Bother With ‘Me Against The Music’

  1. PrincessLambFlops says:

    What does Christina have to do with this? I’m sick of everyone bringing her into Britney’s articles. She’s just as desperate as that whore Mariah to get attention.

  2. Fausto-A says:

    Useless crap. This looks like some cheap Scottish tabloid and that wasn’t even a review just some dumbass comment!!! If you read the whole article which is only a few sentences long it says nothing about the music at all. This was just a cheap shot at Britney.

  3. brostar2 says:

    GOSH!!! What is up with…Christina gets so much publicity its not even funny anymore…these fake posts need to disappear!

  4. tazzsgirl says:

    Well dip-sh** it means that even if Christina dress like a slut she has the talent to back up unlike man beast spears who is a untalented whore is that was confusing to you I could write in crayon so you will understand boy you spear fans are simpletons

  5. Xtina-Dirrty says:

    The song is awful. Thankfully it’s not doing good on the charts and we can consider it as a major flop. At least ‘dirrty’ topped the European charts and named as song of the year at the Q awards.

  6. frozen_fire says:

    promiscuous? immoral woman? why is Christina mentioned in this article? how come every time there’s an article about Britney, someone connected to her always gets included? is that “sexuality ‘alone’ music…” or “sexuality ‘along’ music”? Glasgow Daily just didn’t have enough time to research on something so they just made up stories about Britney. Remember, tabloids are 20% truth & 80% lies.

  7. frozen_fire says:

    Actually, its not that bad. and FYI, its doing good’, ‘of course MATM didn’t win awards because IT WAS JUST RELEASED LATE THIS YEAR! unlike Dirrty which had time to gather nominations because it was launched earlier this year. At least MATM gives a deeper meaning of being in a club & losing control unlike Dirrty!

    “In the Zone”? well, its doing good in europe coz it was launched earlier’, ‘a lot of people already have copies of “In The Zone” in Europe even though some of her shows were cancelled. this goes to show how much fans support her.

  8. hellahooked says:

    Whatever. Me Against The Music is an awesome song.. It’s also danceable. Christina has made a career for being Britney’s shadow, LOL.

  9. Unfortunate420 says:

    LEAVE HER THE F**K ALONE!!! SHE IS AS GOOD AS ANYONE ELSE OUT THERE AND PEOPLE JUST HAVE TO BE IN HER LIFE. LEAVE HER ALONE SHE IS DOING HER OWN THING! She is nothing like that Christina and she doesn’t want to be like her. they are all artists and do stuff different…Britney as at the point in her life where she is trying new things musically unlike Christina who is going with he flow and making her music like everyone else. TOO BAD SHE WASN’T EVEN AT THE AMAs….oh that’s right…she had a hissy fit about not being nominated.

  10. jrtxtinafan44 says:

    lol… whatever. Christina is doing her own thing. and Christina did deserve to be nominated but remember Britney wasn’t either. Christina should have taken Britney’s place as a performer too. At least Christina would have actually sang.

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