Don’t Hate Britney Spears, Hate The System

Contributed anonymously:

Everyone always complains that doesn’t have any talent and can’t believe that she’s famous, etc. Britney, however, does have talent. She can sing, perform, model, dance, dabbling in acting right now…

Yet what about the SYSTEM behind her fame?

Britney’s popularity was highly fueled by MTV’s system of music and publicity. You see, once music videos surfaced, the artist was SEEN much more and had to have not only a voice but charisma, dance, the look, artistic scenes pushing into new venues… basically have it all.

I am a Britney fan because I think she’s a sweet girl with a loving family. She has style, she’s a year older than me, and she’s interesting, inspiring, sexy, and famous in so many facets of this world. Plus, I love her cutesy voice and sexy whisper.

But for you haters, Britney wouldn’t BE BRITNEY, so to speak, if MTV didn’t push musicians to have it all.

I, for one, feel quite impressed that Britney doesn’t just have that one characteristic of song. She’s pushing the limits and has created a Britney empire. There’s nothing wrong with people who can just sing. But there’s something special about people who can sing- YES SHE CAN SING- while also doing everything else that the media requires.

I saw her Onyx Hotel Concert and her presence is overwhelming.

So if you WANT to hate Britney, remember, it’s MTV you should hate, instead, and the whole music system of the 21st century.

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