Double Standards: Justin Timberlake Vs. Britney Spears

Contributed by ilikemusictoomuch:

I just don’t understand society. I finally realized what has been fighting for in her second album and her ‘dirrty image’. There’s been so much fuss over how lost her virginity, yet no one cares that is also not a virgin. Yet there is all this flack about Britney being a tramp and nothing bad being said about Justin. It isn’t fair. And even if she isn’t a virgin anymore, she admitted it was a mistake and sex is everywhere anyways. In our favorite movies, our cartoons (Simpsons, King of the Hill, etc), and our favorite TV shows (‘Friends’, ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’, ect.), what’s wrong if Britney got some too? So everyone get over it! Especially the media!

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11 thoughts on “Double Standards: Justin Timberlake Vs. Britney Spears

  1. jimmypee says:

    WTF!? ANOTHER Britney fan gets their insane ramblings posted on here? WTF is this place, the official Britney spears board? and don’t use Christina’s points to defend Britney. shell tarnish the validity of what Christina was saying. no one gives a ***** about Britney having sex. in fact she’s about the only person who cares. using it for PR. desperate idiot.

  2. ClarissaT says:

    I’m not sure the fact that Britney got some is the issue (at least not for me). Rather, it’s more that Britney publicly declares things about herself (saving herself for marriage, not smoking, not doing drugs, etc., etc., etc.) and then does the opposite. I believe the accurate term to describe a person with this trait is “hypocrite.” Don’t get me wrong, if Britney wants to have sex with 20 guys in one night after smoking weed and dancing nude at a bar, more power to her. But if she was smart, she would stop trying to give the public/media the impression that she has any personal standards, which she doesn’t. I believe the accurate term to describe a person with this trait is “trash.”

  3. jazzprofounder says:

    Okay I know that Britney Spears is not a perfect person and all, and that she too can make some mistakes in her life, but for someone whose always trying to portray this perfect, innocent image of herself I thought she would at least been more wise about her actions when she done it. And what irks me more that despite pretty much everything that’s known about her lost virginity and smoking problems, she still plays herself in the public eye as the all so innocent virgin, either denying something and then giving a few clues that she’s not that innocent after all. And she expects everyone to see her as being more “mature”. If she wants to tell the media about her business, she just needs to get more real. Nobody’s gonna respect a liar.

  4. justhadtocomment says:

    Well, Justin wasn’t the one preaching about how he would be a virgin until the day he got married. That’s why people made a big deal about Britney, not just because she’s a girl. As for sexual content in ‘The Simpsons’, ‘King of the Hill’, and ‘Everybody loves Raymond’ all of the adult characters are married! ‘Friends’ has Monica and Chandler as well. If Britney wanted to “get some” she shouldn’t of walked around saying she would be a good Christian girl till the end or that she would remain a virgin. As for feelings changing, I understand that. my own feelings have changed as I’ve gotten older but I didn’t walk around preaching to everyone else, she should of just kept her big mouth shut. I’m sorry if that’s a little harsh but it’s the truth. And all of this is coming from another girl too.

  5. caseymaureen says:

    Just to help the original poster: None of us know what it is like to live in the public eye, to grow up with publicists telling you what to do and say, and to deal with your own life on top of that. Sure she said she wanted to remain a virgin until she was married, that’s a good thing to try to do. But, apparently that’s a difficult thing to do. If it was commonplace then people wouldn’t have made such a big deal out of Jessica Simpson. That doesn’t make her a hypocrite in my eyes, because really, how many young girls do you hear say, “I want to lose my virginity to a guy I love, only to break up and have him sell me out on TV and in music videos. That’s my dream.” Everybody has goals and ideals you would like to meet, and let’s face it, not too many people actually do. About the smoking- to start with I think it’s stupid for her to smoke for so many reasons, but it is her choice. I don’t think I ever saw Britney in anti-smoking or Truth commercials. That would make her a hypocrite. But I don’t think most people who start smoking these days are disillusioned enough to think that it’s good for them or anything like that, they just start for some reason and then they’re hooked. There’s million dollar industries out there for people trying to quit smoking, it must be somewhat difficult. She might have said she was anti-drugs but so do most kids when we’re in DARE or in middle school. But how many kids did you see start smoking and doing whatever else in high school and college? My point is that, unlike what a previous poster said, Britney is not trash. She’s just normal and human.

  6. hellahooked says:

    People got beef because they are jealous. Britney is interesting, if she wasn’t… so many people wouldn’t care or remember what she said like 3 years ago. I’m a fan and I don’t even remember that kind of stuff, well most. Justin is a whore but I have a feelin’ that he is gay.

  7. louee says:

    I agree with what was posted. I’ve always thought Christina was on the right track with her message, but she seems to think, to some extent, that 2 wrongs equals a right. (Being just as promiscuous as the guys does not make the situation, of fidelity or self-respect, any better) Anyways she’s really smart and it comes out through her music. Britney does get a lot of flack for her sexuality. She was called a liar and a fake when she said she was a virgin,and now she’s being called a tramp and whore because she’s slept with one person. Puh-leeze. She’s a freakin saint compared with a lot of people in society-not to even mention Hollywood. We all need to give her a break in the personal life department-or at least try to say something nice. Yes, everyone needs to get over it. I’ve come to the point where I just ignore negative comments about Brit’s personal life because I don’t think they accurately illustrate her character or values.

    I don’t recall Britney ever preaching about anything. I do recall the media and journalists being very instrusive and imploring for any and all details of her sexual history, at which point she probably felt cornered into saying she was a virgin (which she was) or giving up all her freakin privacy. People seem to forget that the things they hear Britney say are not declarations, they are usually responses to uncomfortable, prying questions. She gets put on the spot a lot. And, even if she did say she was gonna wait (like I did at one point in time) that doesn’t mean she has to stick with it. She can change her mind too, ya know? And, Britney would be more than happy to keep her mouth shut, but people are always in her biz, so what is she to do? If you just say “no comment” to a question about your sex life, many people interpret that as you did do whatever was being asked or else you would just deny it. Give her a break. People change.

  8. grprincess says:

    Yes she said premarital sex was wrong years ago. That’s how she was raised and she was still young. Obviously she thought Justin was the one and as she got older she gave in. A lot of people when they are young think they won’t do certain things but people change and experiment as they get older.

  9. promisemewings says:

    The big deal is that Britney out-and-out LIED about a lot of things, and now she has to face up to responsibility for these lies now. In the beginning, she said she’d never drink or do drugs or smoke. She has been spotted in public smoking cigarettes, drinking up a storm, and then is that cryptic thing she said about “you reach a point in your life when you are curious…” and it doesn’t take a genius to know what that implies. She also said that she wasn’t dating Justin Timberlake and that she had no time to date at all, and she was dating him the whole time. She said she never lip-synched, but we know she does. And she also said that she would stay a virgin until she got married, and she put on that context for the LONGEST time until Justin Timberlake finally outed her for being something that she isn’t. Honestly, it really shouldn’t be a big deal that Britney is getting any. If no one cares, then don’t make a big deal about it. If you don’t care about it, then just ignore Britney’s ramblings about how she’s “not a little girl anymore” because it just gets repetitive anyway. So she’s getting some–big deal, who isn’t anymore?

    If Britney thought Justin was “the one” for her, I wonder if she ever regrets having sex with him. I mean, it’s kind of naive to believe that the first person you have a serious relationship with will be the one you end up marrying and spending the rest of your life with…especially if you think this at the tender age of 20 or so.

  10. millagrrl says:

    I think for the most part, everyone was ranting and raving about it because at first Britney did that “I’m innocent” routine and when she realized practically everyone refused to believe her and made a mockery out of her, she pretty much did a retraction and claimed she’s not a virgin. She exploited her own self I think. She’s a musician, who really gives a hoot of whether she’s a virgin or not??? she did it all for publicity; how can you pity someone like that. As for Christina, she probably did it for publicity too, but at least she never sugarcoated anything. She was raunchy and frankly a bit disgusting but at least she was honest. She wasn’t prancing around one second ranting and raving, “Ooh I’m a virgin. I’m saving myself for marriage!!” and then retract it all with some lame excuse the next second.

  11. BabyBlue2578 says:

    Society isn’t whats messed up. It’s the entertainment industry. Nobody cares whether or not Britney Spears is a virgin, or a whore, or a chain smoker… or whatever the hell she wants to be. The problem is, she is a LIAR. (And please don’t you Christina to defend Britney.) There’s no double standard… Justin didn’t go around proclaiming to be a virgin like an idiot. I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt and say, MAYBE her PR Team, or whatever those people have, made her say that in order to maintain her “innocent, but I’m not” image. I don’t really know. But no one cares about her being a whore, because everyone knew that anyway. She acts like she’s making some big proclamation. The little that people do care about, is the fact that she’s appearing to be a pathological liar. It’s just one after the other, and its getting redundant and annoying. She wants to keep the angel image, but she’s on the cover of everything naked. All of a sudden, when she realizes that actual sex sells, she thinks its cool to play around with it in her music. She’s fronting. And while Justin might be fronting about other things, its not with the subject or the question of whether or not he has sex. Perhaps you should check the definition of a double standard.

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