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Contributed by MariahsMan:

Members of ’s official online fanclub, Honey B. Fly, can now download the Global Soul Club Mix of her Def Leppard remake ‘Bringin’ On The Heartbreak’. Visit to download the remix. Paid subscription is required.

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10 thoughts on “Download New Mariah Carey Remix

  1. Homertime says:

    I wish she would’ve just released that as a commercial single. I was looking forward to buying it. That’s where Universal screwed up. Her singles may not get much radio airplay, but they always, and I mean always, sell really well. “Loverboy” was the #1 selling single of its release year and “Through The Rain” was a #1 selling single too.

  2. PrincessLambFlops says:

    Oh you poor pathetic Mariah. Making fans pay to subscribe to your site so you can download a remix? That’s low even for you you little whore! Too bad “BOTH” was never released in the UK because of such terrible airplay. Guess she had to rush out another remix. Consider this her 193rd FLOP.

  3. Homertime says:

    Do you comprehend the things you read? Mariah’s not charging solely for listening to the remix. The charge applies to fan club membership. The streaming single is just another incentive. As much as I am a fan of Mariah’s, I won’t buy into a fan club membership. Haters, ensue.

  4. queenflopchop says:

    Why doesn’t this flabby lip synch queen just record her diarrhea hitting the bowl? That would sound better than her whispering crap. It’s kinda funny that she needs money so bad that she has started charging the lambs to access a website. No wonder more and more of the lambs are hating on Mariah lately.

  5. Homertime says:

    This isn’t a recent thing. And the charge isn’t simply for visiting her website. Anyone can do that. But if you want all the downloadable stuff, pictures, early ticket buying opportunities and all that kind of stuff, then you join her fan club.

  6. monarc20 says:

    Her Label isn’t charging people to get on her website that This is her Fan Club and you got thing’s in the mail like shirt’s, pre-sales, New’s Letter’s etc. It’s a really great Fan Club and it’s only $30 a year. You get to see the unreleased video for “last Night A DJ Saved My Life” and hear all these unreleased Remixes and lot’s of other cool stuff.

  7. webanging says:

    When Mariah Carey covered the Def Leppard song she changed the title to ‘Bringin’ On The Flops’. This is a very fitting title since it never even charted on the Billboard Hot 100 and became one of the biggest flop singles of her washed up career.

  8. RadioFreeRoscoe says:

    Clear Channel owns almost all of the American stations, and the CEO of that company is good friends (and has been for years) with Tommy Mottola. They’ve forbidden their stations to give Mariah decent airplay.

  9. niceg says:

    To avoid the embarrassment that her singles wouldn’t sell, the cow just need to milk more money from her lambs. The sad thing is that lamb-hos don’t produce much milk compared to the cow herself. Or should I call himself since the cow looks like a drag.

  10. monarc20 says:

    You Hater’s really need a life, I mean with all the time your taking to put down Mariah think of all the good things you could be doing for yourself. It’s obvious to have so much hate toward someone you don’t know mean’s your jealous. I say that because it’s one thing to not like someone I don’t like a lot of Star’s but that’s why I don’t waste my time on them you like Mariah your just jealous. I think it’s because your life is going no where because yous spend so much time hating on people that you have no time to make anything good happen for yourself.

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