DQ’d ‘American Idol’ Is 29

Zap2it.com reports the contestant to be booted on ‘American Idol’ tomorrow for lying about their age is 29, much older than the 16 and 24 year-old required age range.

Seven Keys To ‘American Idol’ Top 10 Success

June 30, 2002 – Michael Glitz of the New York Post weighed in on the success of FOX’s ‘American Idol’ highlighting the seven secrets that have made it a top 10 show. Amongst them the “sweet” factor that other reality shows don’t have. “This show actually sort of became the people’s show,” says judge Simon Cowell “They feel involved. They love the dramas that are going on, and they are able to vote for their favorites.”

Most Interesting Part Of ‘American Idol’ Will Be Wild Card

June 28, 2002 – Jessica Shaw of Entertainment Weekly again gave her thoughts on the latest round of ‘American Idol’, blasting two of the three picks and suggesting the wild card vote may be the most intriguing aspect of the show. “The most interesting part of the show may end up being who gets the judges’ wild card vote,” she said. “Last week I would have said that Chris had that spot locked up, but after this week’s surprises, Alexis or Angela may find themselves competing for the record contract. By the way, I have a newfound respect for Alexis who lost with dignity and charm…which is more than I can say about that hideous Kelli.” Read more.

‘American Idol’ Hosts Need To Be Ousted

June 28, 2002 – The Friday rant for Mark A. Perigard of the Boston Herald is on ‘American Idol’ — not the judges or contestants, but the hosts. “Creepy, very creepy. No, the show’s ubiquitous hosts, Ryan Seacrest and Brian Dunkleman, need to be sent back to their waiter jobs. When they are not bumping into each other, they are making silly double entendres or shushing the judges.”

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