Dr. Drew: Britney’s Best Hope Is To Get Arrested

Dr. Drew Pinsky was on ‘Anderson Cooper 360′ last night to discuss the latest developments in ’ soap opera life, and how the singer’s parents have been frustrated in attempts to get her help when she doesn’t want it. “Other than the legal measures, which have been tried so far, there’s conservatorships, but those are almost impossible to come by,” Pinsky said. “If – listen, I would advise any parent who has a child that is out of control behaviorally – often it includes drug and alcohol use – is call the law enforcement. Have that person arrested if they’re driving intoxicated, if they’re driving erratically, if they’re endangering somebody. Do not hold back on having them arrested. Very often it’s the criminal system that requires people to get proper care. Until somebody breaks the law, there’s very little we can do to require participation in their treatment.”

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