Dr. Drew Comments On Michael Jackson Verdict

Dr. Drew Pinsky, ‘Loveline’ syndicated talk show host, was on ‘The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson’ on Monday, where he shared his thoughts on ’s acquittal on child molestation charges. While suggesting that Michael needs to get some therapy, he was impressed with the jury and had positive feelings about the verdict. Read on for a transcript.

Craig: Talking about mad people, what’s your feeling on the Michael Jackson verdict today?

Dr. Drew: I was surprised. I had sort of positive feelings about it. I thought I would get disturbed. Couple of things stood out. One, it sends a message to people. Eventually, people are not going to listen to you.
[Applause] I like that. Secondly, maybe Michael learned something. Maybe he’ll sort of take care of his mental health. And have you seen the jurors? They’re just wonderful rich thoughtful people. I appreciate the fact that it looks like our system is working.

Craig: So you think it’s ok — he’s quite opened —

Dr. Drew: Those are all boundary problems. When people start violating boundaries, there’s a slide into trouble. I mean, you and Jason, that’s a boundary problem.

Craig: When do you cross that line?

Dr. Drew: Abuse is someone doesn’t exists to you. And they feel powerless.

Craig: So then a grown man having kids in a bed with them is —

Dr. Drew: Not a good thing. Wouldn’t recommend it. If I had a patient doing that, I would be discussing him in the most aggressive terms. But that doesn’t mean he abuse. These are all legal issues. From a medical standpoint, Michael needs some work. He really, really needs some work.

Craig: I think he’s — I think he’s had a little bit of work. At least he’s got the wrong thing worked on. Different type. Inside work.

Dr. Drew: Well, you know, it was public knowledge that he was an opium addict. And that’s a chronic illness. It’s something that you have to actively engage in recovery. I’ve not heard he goes to meetings.

Craig: I don’t know. Meetings are meant to be anonymous.

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