Dramatically Aging Madonna Working With Aguilera

The Glasgow Daily Record reports Madonna looked pale and drawn after a recording session with in Hollywood. The paper said, “The baseball hat and shades did little to disguise the fact that the queen of pop appears to have aged dramatically.”

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10 thoughts on “Dramatically Aging Madonna Working With Aguilera

  1. EdwardAlex says:

    yeah I expect this out of a news company like this… the fact is she looks amazing for 46 and the only thing was that got them was she was wearing track pants and a baseball cap without makeup… Name one woman in her mid forties (who isn’t/ was a supermodel who looks as good) As for Xtina… they were both working at the same time on new albums (their own respective albums)

    Dramatically Aging?? Give me a break

    not to mention she has one of the hottest celebrity bods out there

    haha this obviously got to me… I know its pathetic but come on

  2. divinah says:

    The horror!’, ‘Creepy! Madonna should really consider plastic surgery! How sad! How bad! Not to mention the record will flop.LOL

  3. Clara106 says:

    “aged dramatically”? she is 46, what do you expect her to look like? she actually looks pretty amazing considering what most 46-year olds look like. anyways, I’m glad to hear her working with xtina. I think she is much more talented and artistic then Britney is. I was so confused when Madonna worked with britney, they are so different. its like night and day. I always thought xtina was more like Madonna in the sense that they both take alot of control with their careers, and seem to have intelligence. something seriously lacking in pop music.

    yeah, I guess she should consider surgery. maybe getting huge fake-looking implants like mariah did.

    she just wasn’t wearing makeup. people get to used to seeing celebs all dolled up. then when they see what they really look like they act crazed and frightened when, in reality, they look just fine. if Madonna wasn’t so well known most people compliment her on how well she has taken care of herself. instead people expect her to wear a ton of makeup and have perfect lighting on her constantly. that’s no gonna happen.

  4. galleta says:

    Ole Madge didn’t dramatically age, make-up normally covers up her age. That is beside the point though, I’m just shocked that Madge is going to finally work with someone that has real talent. Good for her.


    actually Madonna and Britney are very similar. They are great at marketing themselves’, ‘Madonna got icon status cause shes actually made it so long in the buisness,. her talent lies in keeping up with the trends not her musically abilities. Britney will be the same way.

  5. Joshus says:

    You people wonder why Madonna wanted to work with Britney? The reason is Madonna see’s alot of herself in Britney (she even said so in an interview), people forget that 15 years ago Madonna went thru the whole thing that Britney is going thru right now, people used to call Madonna a “no talent, lip-singing, record lable puppet”. And also don’t forget that 5 or 6 years after Madonna came out, she hit a bit of a career slump (low album sales) just like Britney is now. So don’t be surprised if in 15 years, we wonder why someone as highly respected a Britney Spears is working with a “no talent, lip-singing, record label puppet”.

  6. malibu says:

    i agree with most of the posts here. to say Madonna is dramatically aging is just ridiculous! she looks much better than the average woman her age. besides, I would much rather see someone age “dramatically” than to end up looking like joan rivers or cher!! just remember the wonders of makeup artistry, fashion designers and the wonderful world of airbrushing! my friends a photographer and he says you could literally take any ‘average’ girl and make them look like cindy crawford. bottom line, no one looks perfect, and those who do have plenty of work to make them appear that way…

  7. astrange1 says:

    I’m not sure what planet you are living on but don’t hold your breath for any of that to happen. Madonna was never acused of lip syncing until later in her career when her shows became extremely elaborate and she was aging. Since she was an accomplished professional dancer (she once was with the heralded Alvin Ailey dance ensemble before achieving stardom), the stage routines never had as much of an effect on her singing as with others. Just check out her performance at Live Aid in the 80s and it is clear she is definitely NOT lip syncing despite dancing. As she aged it was not so easy to pull off the increasingly “can you top this” routines in her shows without a little technical help. Britney, on the other hand, has always lip synced. No one has any idea what she really sounds like. Madonna’s talent was acknowledged from the start as both a singer and songwriter. Her singing was decent but not great but this wasn’t as much of a drawback as she had great material and was a great entertainer. As for being a record label puppet – you must be joking!! She was one of the most controversial figures in popular music for decades. Who can forget her simulated mast.urbation to “Like a Virgin” while wearing a bridal gown on the American Music Awards? Her video of her making love to a black Jesus on the altar of a church that cost her a Pepsi contract but sent “Like a Prayer” to the top of the charts? Her coffee table soft core porn book? Her numerous affairs with everyone from rock stars to NBA players. Britney was guided in an almost paint-by-numbers fashion to achieve stardom. She has finally taken control of her career now and it has proven a complete disaster. She is trying to ape Madge but it comes off as completely second-rate at best. She just doesn’t have the spark of originality (and the sense of style and humor) needed to make it work. Not to mention she doesn’t have the talent.

  8. Potrzebie says:

    True – she wasn’t accused of lip- syncing. She was accused of being a no-talent who was using sex and shock to sell records. I distinctly remember reading articles around 1984/5 saying Cyndi Lauper would last while Madonna would soon be forgotten.

  9. EdwardAlex says:

    I love xtina but I don’t think Madonna would work with her. She wasn’t crazy about doing the duet with Brit but did it out of a favor. I don’t think she would ever have a duet with either on her own album. Madonna has talent enough to come back with an awesome dance record. I think it was just that Xtina and Madonna were using the same record studio.. Madonna was there to do a remix session with Stuart Price. There was also talks of Gwen making an appearance on Madonna’s ‘Confessions on a Dancefloor’ but I also doubt that would happen either.

  10. astrange1 says:

    Every pop-rock singer from Elvis on has faced that accusation so it’s not that shocking nor is it indicative of any great parallel in their careers. And for each artist who some were wrong about, there were a dozen who were no talents using sex to sell and faced their deserved march into oblivion. Madonna generally received good reviews from the start in the pop/rock press – those most critical of her tended to be from the political right (remember when Madonna and Murphy Brown were threats to civilization?) and not from the music industry. Brit has adopted a bad girl image of late and has received her share of criticism from the right but the threat of terrorists has paled any dangers from pop stars for the moment.

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