Dream Is Back With A New Member

KriSeLen.com interviewed the revamped , with new member Kasey Sheridan, who replaced Melissa Schuman after she quit the girl group. “I knew of Dream and I heard their three singles,” Kasey explained. “They are very talented girls and when I looked at them I thought that is something I really want to do. It never crossed my mind that I would actually be in Dream. I found out on TRL the day that Puffy was hosting that one of the girls left and that they were holding audition. For a split second I thought what if I was in Dream, but you know I thought it wasn’t possible..I didn’t think it would ever happen. I actually found a paper posted on the board at my dance studio and it said open audition for a major pop group signed on a major label and I knew it was Dream. I went to the audition and Holly was there, she was watching me and it was so nerve-racking. So yeah it I guess it is all history from there.”

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