Dream Visit TRL To Premiere ‘Crazy’

Dream stopped by MTV’s Total Request Live on Friday to premiere their new video ‘Crazy’ featuring Loon. They talked about having a new member in the group, Kasey Sheridan, who replaced Melissa Schuman, getting all “sexed up” to film the video, and working under Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs. Read on for a rough transcript of their appearance.

These ladies have a brand-new album, brand-new look and even a brand-newbe
dream. Dream.

Crazy Diane, Holly, Ashlee and Casey. Welcome to the show. Good to see you. Welcome to the show. Let’s form a single-file line right over here.
First, i w to — can you just take a little step forward, because you are
the new member, Casey. Right.

 I don’t think I was — i don’t like all the pushing.

 You don’t like all the pushing?

 What’s up with that?

 We’re good to go with this group. How was it? How’s life?

 Life is good. Life is good in dream go tell us a little bit about
yourself. We don’t know much about you, Casey. How did you score the dream

 I auditioned about a year ago. It’s been great so far. The girls
are awesome.

 Amongst how many people did she audition? Like thousands across
the country?

 I wouldn’t say thousands. Like two.


 It was about 50. But she just stuck out like a sore thumb.

 She had the v

 We knew she had to be in this group.

 Okay. All right. And what about —

[ Applause ] What about you and your time so far? Are you enjoying it
because you’ve just sort of broken in. This isn’t the big time yet. The
record will come out.

 This is “trl.”

 This is my first big thing. I’m totally nervous right now. I’m
on “trl.”

 All right. Ashlee, how far was it for you to — how it to bring
in a new member? You were with Melissa for so long.

 We didn’t even want a fourth member because we felt like the us were strong. But when we saw her, can’t turn down. Too perfect and everything
just worked really well. But — so it has been perfect. I have no complaints. Like, we sing very well together. We get along really well. We’re like sisters.

 She’s hot.

 Yeah, she’s a little hot.

 She looks great. What do you guys think?

[ Cheers and applause ] Diddy done right. Was there an adjustment period?
Was there an awkward adjustment period that you kind of had to slide in

 Y know, the girls have been really great so far. And when i first
came into the group, we all have a really strong faith in god, and i think
they really took advantage of the situation in teaching me how to do a
lot of things.

 We put her through a little bit of boot camp for a minute. She
didn’t have it that easy.

 There’s an initiation period where I had to do —

 Little hazing?

 Everything we told her to do.

 We made her go get us some cheesecake.

 I don’t even know what that means. We’re going to check out the
video right now in just a bit. We’ll talk about the album and all that
good stuff. Give it up for dream, stopping by the “TRL” beachouse. We got
The All-American Rejects at number 9. This is “lton”

[ Cheers and applause ]


Dropping back one spot. Here with the girls of bad boy records, dream. This weekend mtv celebrating the baseball all-star game by having our very
own all-star backyard barbecue. You guys are performing your new single
“Crazy” a the bash barbecue. Is this their time you’ll perform it together?

 It’s the first time we’ll perform it on MTV.

 Let’s talk about the album. “Reality” is coming out in late . Tell us a little bit about the album, how it’s different from the first
album. Obviously, you guys are more mature.

 I think there’s a lot more mature the first album we didn’t have
as much create control. And I think we’ve grown a when it comes to producing
our own vocals getting too-write own things. We’ve grown a lot lyrically. And
that is what what was important to us.

 You know how i can tell you’ve grown artistically, you’ve worn
less video in individual clothing in the video.

 We were in the desert. You want to wear a desert in bathing suit in the desert.

 You guys are sporting the new look. What was it like getting all
sexed up for the video? Were you comfortable with it?

 I don’t know about sexed up. But we were just being us.

 Do you parent it’s —

 But — go what does your mother think of the video, young lady?

 My mom loves it. We were so white. I’m still so white. But they
had to so much tanning stuff on us that we looked like oompa-loopas.

 We are all were like orange.

 I’m going 0 to show you my thighs during the video and you’ll
feel so much better.

[ Laughter ] Hear it is, the “trl” premiere of dream. This is “crazy.”

[ Cheers and applause ]

 There it is, “trl” premiere dream featuring loon. Give it up much
once more for the girls of dream. You’re all grown up. Video looks great.
If you want to see it on “trl,” vote for it on mtv.Com. If you want to
check them out performing it life live, MTV’s all-star barbecue this Sunday
at noon. You guys excited for that?

 We are very excited.

 Kick some ass out there. is going to be performing, too.
Right now we got to take break. When we get back, you’re going to find
out what dream really thinks of Diddy and what would happen if their dreams
could come true. “Trl” is coming right back. Stay tuned.

[ Cheers and applause ]

 Welcome back to “TRL,” guys. What’s up? It’s Damien. Winding down another week here in the Hamptons. Here with the ladies of dream. Even
when you’re famous, you still have dreams. I had one last night. We’ll
talk about it after the show. We thought it would be funny to find out
what you guys think about, what you dream about behind the scenes, behind
the curtain. And maybe we could help you fulfill some o these dreams. You’re
looking at me like what the hell are you going to do to me?

 I didn’t know this it was like that.

 We’re calling it dream come true.

 Oh, that’s so perfect.

 Oh, that was very relaxing. Let’s go to each of you. If you could
take a romantic walk on beach with any guy, who would it be?

 Aside from you, no, tom from “Smallville.”

 I know this is everyone’s crush but Ashton Kutcher.

[ Cheers and applause ]

 I was going to say but standing here next
to you looking at you, it would definitely be you.

[ Cheers and applause ]

 Oh, shucks.

 Such a flirt.

 I’d have to say Brandon Boyd from Incubus.

 He’s a good-looking guy.

 Absolutely. Okay. Second question, if you could switch places
with any celebrity, who would it be? It almost like all these questions
are — I’m the answer to all these questions.

 I think so. Ellen Degeneres. I want to be —

 She’s refuny.

 From “Finding Nemo.” Have you guys seen — that was awesome.

 Do that again.

[ Making whale noises ]

 I would trade places with Demi Moore so i could have Ashton.

[ Cheers and applause ]

 I would say dr. Phil. He’s so intelligent.

[ Laughter ]

 And —

 Jim Carrey.

 He’s a good one.

[ Applause ]

 If you could change one thing about P. Diddy, what would it be?
And I’m going to go first. I’m going to buy the guy a watch.

 Well, actually, we kind of came up with one as a group, and it’s
along the same line. We wish he had more time.

 More time because he’s so busy.

 More time for us.


 If I could change something really, though —

 Ashton Kutcher. What’s the deal.

O,o, i would — well, actually, he hangs out with Ashton.

 He does?


 You want to give a shout-out to Ashton Kutcher.

 Hi, Ashton.

 You got to scream at the end.

 I can’t.

 All right, cool. Thank to you dream for stopping by. Dream, everybody. Guys, definitely come back when the album drops. You a come back to the show? All right, cool. It was great having you

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  1. jazzprofounder says:

    Dream is a pretty cool girl group. I am not into their new music or their new look, in my eyes they look and sound pretty much the same, just sexed up a bit, but there’s nothing new or impressive about them to me.

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