Dream’s Jordan McCoy and Imaj Are Free Fallin’

Jordan McCoy just before falling 21 stories high into a net

and Imaj of fell from 21 stories high into a net after being lifted by a crane.

“This was INSANE,” McCoy wrote on her MySpace blog. “I’m absolutely terrified of heights! So, as I do with everything else in life, I took the ‘Just Watch Me’ approach and conquered my fear. It’s barely a 3 second drop, but when you’re plummeting through like a million feet (and I may be exaggerating..) of air with no strings attached, you start to wonder if it’s ever gonna end! Then of course it does. I’m still alive and still afraid of heights but at least I know I can do it.”

Watch it via YouTube below.

Update: Jordan talked about the song playing in the video clip on her blog at MySpace. She writes:

Many of you have been asking about the song playing in the background of Dream’s latest video. It’s a snippet of a song that will be on our new album! It’s a rough mix from the studio.. can’t wait for you to hear the finished album version! We’ve put a lot of hard work into the new records and we’ve had a blast recording! Expect a single out and tour dates very very soon :D DREAM! IT COULD HAPPEN!

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