Drew Ryan Scott Talks About Changes With Varsity Fanclub

Drew Ryan Scott of Varsity Fanclub

Drew Ryan Scott of updated fans on the boy band’s blog at MySpace (@varsityfanclub) on Saturday (May 30), talking about the news is leaving the group and Thomas Carter is his replacement. Drew writes:

Thomas can never be replaced… so I don’t want anyone thinking TC is his replacement or that TC is the reason Thomas is gone. It’s not like that at all.

TC is a great kid from Georgia…. he’s 16, about 5 ft 9/ 5 ft 10… amazing dancer and singer… fun… energetic… honest… and has that desire to do this in his eyes that I need to see in the eyes of someone who I’m putting my life on the line for.

He has all the great personality qualities that I saw in Thomas. No he isn’t Thomas and no he’s not trying to be Thomas…. he is just being him. We need a 5th person to sing in our 5 part harmonies. And we need someone to make all our steps and moves complete. Someone we can trust, someone we can build a VFC future with. And TC seems to the perfect fit with us…so please give him a chance..

You have someone new to learn about and someone new to laugh at. Thomas is still a couple MySpace clicks away… promise… he’s the same ol good ol Thomas we always knew and loved.

All I ask if you all give TC that shot you gave me and Thomas and the rest of the guys when you first heard about us…do you remember back then? The first time you heard or saw us… when was it??? where was it?? Give TC that same welcome feelings you gave us… The same feelings that make me want to wake up everyday and work around the clock to bring you new music, videos, and friendship. I am willing to not sleep at all for all of you… I will post videos, songs, pictures whatever you want all night. Because I am dedicated to all of you. Let’s take over the world together!

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5 thoughts on “Drew Ryan Scott Talks About Changes With Varsity Fanclub

  1. Minkze says:

    TC is in a league of his own. He is one of the best dancers I have ever seen….His feet move too fast to try and fill anyone’s shoes…

  2. Ebba says:

    I’m sad that Thomas leaved. it has gone around 3 weeks now and I miss him, even tho I have heard a lot from him.
    its just that I miss him in the band. but I really like TC it isn’t that. just I have known the band WITH Thomas for so long. but we really should give TC a chance !

  3. Drewscottlover says:

    OMVFC. I really do miss Thomas but I am really happy that TC is in the band!!!! I support him all the way!!! TC is amazing!!! I saw a video of him dancing and I was shocked!!!! He is a great addition to the band!!!!!:):) I love him and the rest of the members in VFC!!

  4. aricellamarieflores says:

    I think think Thomas and TC are both very talented but TC has a little bit of a long road ahead of him in order to be a professional dancer and singer but he is so cute and a AWESOME dancer…..keep on living the dream Thomas and VFC KEEP ON ROCKING !!!!!

  5. Brit Brat says:

    Hey Drew! I think you guys are awesome! I do miss Thomas, but I think T.C. will do just fine. :) No worries. Love ya! <3

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