Drugs Nearly Destroyed The Backstreet Boys

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A source from boysmostlikely.com had an interview with Belgium’s Dag Allemaal magazine on Backstreet Boys star Nick Carter, who said drugs messed up some of his friends and how he was really depressed, and Backstreet was coming back. “The Backstreet Boys are on a break,” he said. “We’ve all had some personal problems and are taking the time to set things straight again. As soon as that is done, we’re back.” Read on for the whole interview.

Nick Carter on his emotional solo debut.

With his rocking album “Now Or Never” Nick Carter(22) has set his first solo steps. A short break from the drug tormented boy band.

Your record is called “Now Or Never.” Was it really now or never for you?

After our last Backstreet tour I had to make a choice:either do something different or quit music. I was doing the same thing for ten years and I was burned out. For a while I thought to just stop for a few years and then make a solo record. But I knew that would never happen then.

Also your single “Help Me” has a dramatic title.

It’s become an emotional record where I completely expose my soul. Nothing fake. “Help Me” is about a period in my life when I felt lost in the world. It wasn’t til later that I realized I was depressed., and that I could use some help. Trust me i’ve seen some bad things in the past few years.

What bad things?

I completely went up in the life of a popstar and I didn’t know right from wrong anymore. I was surrounded by sharks who were only after my money and a few of my friends were doing drugs. They wrecked the atmosphere within the group.

Did you do drugs yourself?

Luckily no. I saw how someone’s personality got screwed up by drugs and I have enough sense not to touch it. You don’t know how happy I was when A.J. went to a rehab center. He’s a good friend. And to just see him slip further away everyday was horrible. Others who took advanage of us did drugs, and I just turned away from them.

Did you feel you wasted your youth?

No but I did miss alot. I didn’t go to high school and I don’t have many friends because of that. I did get to see the world and meet interesting people tho.

You’re started solo this year. Aren’t you gonna miss the other Backstreet boys?

It’ll be awkward in the beginning. But i’ve chosen to do this, so I have to learn how to do it on my own.

Are you saying that there isn’t a future anymore for the group?

Not at all.The Backstreet Boys are on a break. We’ve all had some personal problems and are taking the time to set things straight again. As soon as that is done, we’re back.

You’ve know each other for years. Has the atmosphere between you guys change alot?

Yeah sure. We started out as kids who didn’t know anything and we’ve become mature over the years. I think we know each other through and through by now, and most importantly we respect each other. As good and as well as the bad sides. Kevin and Brian are married now, A.J. is about to be married. They don’t want to be away from home for months. Since I don’t have a wife, I decided to make a solo record.(laughs)

How’s that Nick? Are you that unpopular?

I hope not!(laughs) Actually I don’t have time for girls. I’m afraid that I’ll chose the wrong girl. I never know if a girl is really interested in me because I’m famous or because she likes me. I’ve been thru enough painful things during the years. I don’t want to get hurt again.

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