Duncan James Angry With Mom For eBay Sales

James isn’t happy with his mother Fiona Inglis for selling personal items from his days with on eBay. “ is not happy with his mother. It’s very embarrassing,” a friend said. “She seems completely unrepentant, though. Duncan has had words but she doesn’t seem to see the problem with selling his stuff. She sells other items, but to sell signed belongings, including backstage passes for old Blue tours, is mortifying for Duncan. She gets people to send payment to her as F. Inglis. She’s been selling on ebay since April 2003 and has been doing a very brisk trade. She’s never had a complaint from buyers either who are all big Blue fans.”

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One thought on “Duncan James Angry With Mom For eBay Sales

  1. itsmybigmouth says:

    geez, he should shut his pie hole! His mom rules. eBay is awesome and she’s got a great opportunity to make some cash. This dude will need it soon. his band is gone and he’s a wash up. I’d be more embarrassed being the wash up than making some moola on the ‘bay’

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