Duncan James Will Be A Hands On Dad

Though Blue star James’ father Simon Roscoe walked out on his mother when he learned she was pregnant with the singer, Duncan tells The Sun he won’t do the same with his now pregnant ex-girlfriend Claire. “Its pretty mad to think I’m going to be a dad,” Duncan said. The baby is due in April.

Blue’s James To Be A Dad

October 31, 2004 – The Mirror reports that Blue star James is the latest member of the boy band to learn he’s to become a dad. Duncan’s night of passion with an old flame Claire in the summer now sees her set to give birth in April. “I’m overjoyed with the news that I’m going to be a father,” James said. “Claire has been an amazing friend to me for the last seven years. Having this baby will keep us connected for the rest of our lives.”

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One thought on “Duncan James Will Be A Hands On Dad

  1. itsmybigmouth says:

    this is the stupidest boy band I’ve ever seen, they are fat and have children. I feel sorry for today’s fans. they don’t have any decent band members. instead “fathers” . my god, so boring.

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