Durst, Navarro, Biggs & Electra On ‘The Kiss’

Extra got reaction from celebrities at the MTV Video Music Awards after-party concerning kissing Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. Actor Jason Biggs joked, “The kiss was hot. I couldn’t stand up for five minutes.” Britney’s rumored ex and Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst added, “Definitely the kiss was a cool thing. It brought back a lot of memories. What?” Carmen Electra says, “It was hot.” But her fiance Dave Navarro of Jane’s Addiction played safe with his answer. “I’ve already got the most beautiful woman on the planet,” he said. “What’s to be jealous about?”

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10 thoughts on “Durst, Navarro, Biggs & Electra On ‘The Kiss’

  1. Madfan says:

    My analysis: “Swept Away” flopped. The “Die Another Day” song flopped. “American Life” flopped — and then the backlash started. J.Lo was invited to join the VMA opening act — she refused and politely made up excuses: “I’m filming.” She was probably thinking: “I’m bigger than all of you combined.” But now Madonna is back again on top form, thanks to Britney and Christina. It was nice of the two to pay due respect to their Mother. Madonna will NEVER be over!!! — it’s also nice to see the old, raunchy Madonna back!!! We all like her that way… …and by the way, S-C-R-E-W that homo Justin!

  2. Lotus says:

    There is nothing as pathetic as a grown woman BEGGING for attention like that! It was more like “Please! Look at me! I haven’t changed! I’m still a slut like I used to be even if I have two kids and should have more dignity!”. I guess she figured that nothing new she has done is working so she fell back on her (very old ) ideas! She has never seemed more clueless or desperate! Jennifer Lopez has all my respect for backing out of that fiasco!

  3. weebongo says:

    “Die Another Day” was a massive hit for Madonna. It went to the top 10 on Billboard. I’m sort of surprised it got so many spins it wasn’t radio friendly at all. Die was more edgy and modern than anything else on radio at the time. It was a really great song so radio couldn’t resist.

  4. rachel says:

    okay Fred Durst it brought back a lot of memories regarding Britney or Christina?According to Fred, he has been with them both. He is so stupid but I still like the Limp Bizkit new song “Eat you alive”

  5. babet says:

    hahahhah. “Britney’s rumored ex and Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst ” everybody knows they dated. Britney is such a lying media whore. she’s as fake as her breasts. and I seriously am getting tired of this “kiss”. its so over rated because of the whole girl on girl thing. Britney shouldn’t be getting this much attention. or xtina. or Missy. that was Madonna’s night.

  6. perfectly-imperfect says:

    “she’s as fake as her breasts.” Very ironic coming from a Christina fan, whose boobs looked bigger than Britney’s on VMA night. (too bad she’ll never have Brit’s ass) and no need to worry, Christina and Missy aren’t getting any attention at all. They were out shined by the queen and the princess, Madonna and Britney. Deal with it.

  7. XtinaFan says:

    Very ironic coming from a Christina fan, whose boobs looked bigger than Britney’s on VMA night. Lol, for real. Britney’s boobs were in NO WAY bigger than a B cup on VMA night, Christina’s were much huger than Brit’s. but of course, sad little teenies like babet still have to make dumb comments about non-existent implants….just because the media makes them think it’s true.

  8. Dancer4Life says:

    Have Brit’s ass? LMAO! When did Britney ever have an ass? Because I sure haven’t seen it. Anyway though Nobody was outshined by anyone. Well, maybe except Britney who was outshined by Christina when she song her part from ‘like a virgin.’ Britney sound like she was whining or something. Maybe she should lay back on the smoking because her voice sounds really bad now.

  9. babet says:

    I said BRITNEY was as fake as her breasts as in the whole thing. the ONLY fake thing about Christina are her breasts….obviously. but EVERYTHING about Britney is fake. her voice, her personality, her image, her music…… and as for the Queen and princess……you must be talking about Madonna and xtina. they were the real deal. even Madonna sang better then Britney. Britney sounded……like she hasn’t gone through puberty yet. face it….xtina has a purpose with her music and its to express her opinion just like Madonna… Britney’s purpose is to make headlines. who’s gonna have a long term career in music again???? Christina. deal with it.

  10. Mia says:

    To Madfan: Die Another Day was Madonna’s 44th top ten hit giving her more than anyone in history! American Life has sold several million copies world wide (1 million in the U.S. already) and its only been out for about 6 months. This is quite simply amazing considering the lack of proper video promotion for the American Life album, due to the controversy. Was Swept Away a flop? Yeah. Of course given the fact that acting is something Madonna only does every few years it just makes her movie duds more apparent. For every Evita, Desperately Seeking Susan, Dick Tracy, Truth or Dare, A League of Their Own etc… their is a Body of Evidence, Next Best Thing etc… Just like with J-Lo: Sure she has Maid in Manhattan, Wedding Planner, Selena…but more often than not she has Gigli, Enough, Angel Eyes, Blood and Wine, Out of Sight, etc… All flops. Even though some of us may have liked some of both Madonna and J-Lo’s flops-they still didn’t make any money for the studios. Same with Julia Roberts, etc…many actors have just as many bombs as hits. The only difference is that Madonna makes fewer movies than most. Also, Jennifer Lopez was not invited to perform with Madonna on the VMA’s. Christina and Britney were asked because they were “young rivals who embodied the spirit of an early Madonna.” J-Lo didn’t show up (despite multiple nominations) most likely because of the Gigli catastrophe and the comments that would have come from Chris Rock.

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