‘E-Bayers’ Spoil Fun For Fans Seeking Mandy Moore’s Autograph

A fan posted her experience with this morning outside the taping of Live With Regis & Kelly. Mandy apparently didn’t sign the fans autograph and didn’t acknowledge fans leaving many upset. Mandy told the fan, “Hmmm I read your message sweetie and I must say I am beyond upset. It sucks that few people ruin it for everyone. This morning when i first arrived at Regis and Kelly, we were late and had to rush to soundcheck. I couldn’t sign for the ebayers (not that I would have because of all the previous drama) and one them cussed me out and then said ‘I hope your movie fails’. So naturally, on the way out (we were going to a breakfast meeting from there), we walked straight to the car to avoid the mean ebayers. Had I known you were there sweetie, I would have loved to have stopped and said hello. I feel terrible that you had the impression of me from this morning, but I promise that next time… that won’t be the case babe!”

‘Crossroads’ Director Relieved ‘Walk’ Fans Wanted To Go

February 12, 2002 – Patrick Goldstein of the Los Angeles Times profiled the recent run of music stars heading to film and centered on Britney Spears’ stab at the trade with this weekend’s release of ‘Crossroads.’ Director Ann Carli told Goldstein she hung out at a Los Angeles theater to ask fans leaving starring ‘A Walk To Remember’ if they planned on seeing Britney’s film. “I was so relieved to hear most of them wanted to go. You can interpret tracking information in a million different ways. I just wanted to ground myself in reality,” she said.

Mandy Moore Talks With KISS 92’s Billie

February 12, 2002 – Billie from KISS 92’s Mad-Dog and Billie spoke with Mandy before the release of ‘A Walk To Remember’ last month and their chat was just put up on the station’s website. Mandy talked about the film, her makeup for the role, her song ‘Cry’, the AMA after-party, the Britney Spears & comparisons, and more. Interestingly, she did talk about dating Wilmer and did say she was in love with the actor, only days before she was to break up with him and later claim she’d never been in love.

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