Eddie Griffin Heaps Oscar Praise On ‘Glitter’

‘Undercover Brother’ star Eddie Griffin was on an MTV Movie House special where he checked out a video store, grabbed a copy of the starring ‘Glitter’ and said, “This should have gotten an Oscar.” Later, Griffin quizzed the video store clerk who said, “‘Glitter’ has got soul.” On MTV’s website, Griffin comments, “This should have been nominated for an Oscar. The performance [Mariah Carey] gives in this is astounding. If you get a chance, ’cause nobody got a chance when it was in the theaters, but if you get a chance now, please see ‘Glitter.’ Don’t just put on, see ‘Glitter’ and you’ll see some of the greatest acting you’ve ever seen in your life.”

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One thought on “Eddie Griffin Heaps Oscar Praise On ‘Glitter’

  1. opa says:

    I agree, Mariah Carey’s acting is astonishing. She did a really good job. She should get an Oscar for it.

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