Edelstein: Antonella Barba Touches America’s Basic Instinct

Jeff Edelstein of The Trentonian had yet another column on ‘American Idol’ semi-finalist on Sunday (March 11), this time focusing on the controversy sparked by Frenchie Davis, who claimed a double standard after she was booted for her porn site pictures, while Barba’s racy leaked pictures didn’t cause a similar reaction. He writes, “ half-nude? Expected. All-American college gal on ‘American Idol’ half-naked? Relatively unexpected, though not really, especially for anyone who’s ever surfed through MySpace or Facebook, where teen and college-aged girls are indeed going wild all over the place, posting Barba-like pics for most anyone to see. Is this a problem? Who knows. But it’s certainly a far cry from my not-so-distant youth, when the hot, sexy look for the hot, sexy girls in my high school consisted of baggy jeans and an oversized Champion sweatshirt. Times change, right?” Read more.

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