Edelstein: Food For Thought On Antonella Barba’s Rise To Fame

Jeff Edelstein of The Trentonian weighed in on the attention Jersey girl has received since racy photos of the ‘American Idol’ appeared on the web. “If you’re going to appear on a highly-rated reality show, it’s probably a good idea to leak some sexy pictures of yourself, and throw in a few X-rated ones if at all possible,” Edelstein advises. “It’s an old saw, but it’s true – you can’t buy publicity like the kind Ms. Barba is getting. And if you think this doesn’t translate into votes, you’re kidding yourself. America loves this stuff: Well duh, but think about it – Barba has bumped both Anna Nicole Smith and to the side of the cultural radar screen. Give us a sexy small town girl, and we’re all ears. And eyes.”

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