Edna Gundersen On Britney, Christina And Jessica

Edna Gundersen of USA Today took part in a chat with the newspaper’s readers on Tuesday and was asked if she thought would try to match the recent moves by with more television exposure. “Britney is so overexposed at this point that the only smart move is a long vacation at a Siberian spa,” Gunderson responded. “Likewise, Jessica is dangerously close to the media saturation zone. I missed the variety show (any reports?) so I can’t weigh in on her prospects as the new Cher, but there is something oddly appealing about her willingness to milk her own cerebral limitations for attention and laughs. It will be interesting to see which arena, TV or music, is more lucrative for her.”

The comments weren’t much more positive when asked about . “I find Aguilera one of the least interesting, most aggravating stars to emerge from the Mouseketeer incubator,” she said. “She has a marvelous set of pipes that she mocks with overwrought vocal gymnastics and squanders on lame material.” Read more.

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