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Edna Gundersen of USA Today took part in an online chat with readers on Tuesday, where she was asked back-to-back questions about . The first claimed her career had taken a turn for the worse and she was ripping off , while the second asked that with her amazing comeback, should she be put in the same category as the Beatles and Elvis. “The new album is definitely a step up from the last two but I agree she has not climbed her way back to the top artistically,” Gundersen told the skeptic. “She seems to be trying so hard to stay hip and current that she’s lost touch with her own instincts and personality.” As for the fan wanting to compare Carey to the Beatles, she said, “I wouldn’t call the comeback amazing, first off. One week at No. 1 was a triumphant return but hardly the kind of reign she enjoyed in the ’90s. And in terms of talent or influence, I can’t see her on the same plane as the Beatles or Elvis. Let’s get real, please. If they are on the same plane, they’re in first class, she’s in a poodle crate in cargo.” Check out the entire chat here.

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