Electrovamp Respond To Lisa Origliasso’s “Get Some Originality” Slam

Kally and TammyJay Davies of Electrovamp

are firing back at after Lisa Origliasso posted a message about the Welsh sisters, writing, “Tryin 2 look like us, pose like us, even have a neon pink band sign LOL! Get some originality!!!!” Kally and Tammy write on their blog at MySpace (@electrovampofficial):

For them to try & make out that we have copied them is unfair & maybe if they had done a bit of research before shooting their mouths off then they would realize that in actual fact it is the other way around, someone from their team – styling & artwork design must be taking some ideas from us!

Now it is not against the law to copy someone’s style & we have simply found it quite flattering up until they tried to make out we are copying them & that we have no originality!

Girls you are 24 years of age & should know better not to start tweet bitching about us without getting your facts straight & maybe you should have more input into your career than being puppets & letting everything be done for you! I.e. YOUR LOGO!

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