Ellie Goulding On Katy Perry Tour, ‘Halcyon’ & Collaborations

Ellie Goulding

Ellie Goulding spoke with of Alex James of In:Demand about where she’s been, performing at The White House and the Royal Wedding. The singer songwriter talked about touring with Katy Perry, performing at the White House and the Royal Wedding, ‘Halcyon’ being a breakup album, the first single ‘Anything Could Happen’ being about freedom, declining to do collaborations on the project, believing that Adele paved the way for female UK artists, and her choice for next year’s Brits Critics Choice.

On touring with Perry, Goulding explained, “I had known she’d been a fan for a long time. She tweeted about me years ago, ‘Under The Sheets’ she tweeted about, and I guess she’s always been a fan and actually my friend had a really bad foot so she couldn’t do it, so I filled in for her basically.”

Asked about her chance to perform at the White House, Ellie confessed, “I don’t know how that happened, but I think they needed a singer and I was available. I think they wanted me to sing and they had heard me.”

Describing her new album as a “breakup record”, Ellie said, “I hate the thought of people not knowing everything. I don’t want there to be any grey areas about what I do, so I like to be honest. I think it’s important.”

Discussing the album’s single ‘Anything Could Happen’, Ellie said that the track was “about freedom. It’s about fate and I suppose it’s self-explanatory really. Yeah, I’ll give you everything you need but I don’t need you is a statement of being free and not being held down by anything or anyone. I like that song.”

On the album being “all Ellie”, she said, “I think it should be. I didn’t want to come back with an album and have it just be all collaborations, but I think collaborating is one of the most important things an artist can do at the same time, so I have done collaborations, just not on my record. I felt like I owed it to my fans to just give them me seeing that it’s been so long.”

The interview at Soundcloud has since been removed.

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