Elliott Yamin: Jessica Sanchez Should Have Won ‘American Idol’

Elliott Yamin on Carlton Way

checked in with his Twitter followers (@elliottyamin) earlier tonight, talking about Phillip Phillips beating out Jessica Sanchez on Wednesday night’s ‘’ finale. The ‘Idol’ season five third place finisher apparently took some flack for strongly showing his support for Sanchez while suggesting Phillips wasn’t a real singer. The 33-year-old singer writes:

Missed the Idol finale tonite #AI …..but it sounds like I didn’t miss much by the sounds of who “won” #justsayin Jessica Sanchez is a REAL singer!.. I thought this was a singin competition??.. what a shame

American Idol has become MUCH like politics, in the sense that – we, as a people get mad at who’s in office, when WE are the people who put them there…or, are we?

Look yall, @americanidol has been sooooooo good to me and gave me a CAREER I’ve ALWAYS dreamed of, so, I’m NOT “biting the hand that’s fed me” and I am in debt with the amount of gratitude I have towards them… I’m just sayin, that I don’t get it, that’s all.. hats off to the winner & ALL the finalists!

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