Elliott Yamin Lines Up A Wednesday Flight Out Of Chile

checked in with his Twitter followers (@elliottyamin) tonight as the ‘American Idol’ alum tries to find a way out of Chile after the country was hit with a devastating earthquake over the weekend. It appears Elliott will be heading home on Wednesday on a trip that saw him in three continents before nearly finding himself in the wrong place at the wrong time early Saturday. Yamin writes:

Whoohoo!!!..I got a flight outta here!… on the 3rd!… still gonna speak with the embassy tomorrow to see if they’ve arranged something sooner for us…

last 12 dys: 5 time zones, 3 continents, 2 sides of the equator… from LA-Houston, to Luanda, Angola, Africa, to Houston, to Dallas, then to Chile

went from my cushy life in LA, to the poorest place in Africa – 3rd world country, to beautiful Chile – and lived to tell about how I survived a catastrophic disaster!

btw, happy PURIM 2 all my MOT’s.since its the celebration of miracles, the time couldn’t be anymore impeccable… it’s a miracle I’m alive in Chile

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